"Bernadette's Hand Stamped Falling Flower" Linen Bed Set in Avocado Green, Single

"Bernadette's Hand Stamped Falling Flower" Linen Bed Set in Avocado Green, Single


A Single bedding set created entirely of pure Italian linen, featuring our co-founder Bernadette Bishop’s elegant signature flower, hand stamped in Avocado Green.

Designed in-house and made for beautiful dreams.

This set contains the following:

1x Avocado green "Falling Flower" duvet cover

1x Plain fitted sheet

1x Avocado green "Falling Flower" pillowcase

1x Avocado green "Falling Flower" square pillowcase

Please note: additional pillows are available to purchase - buy them online here or call the shop on +44 (0) 207 221 4566. 


Wash at up to 60 degrees on a regular cycle (avoid “eco” or longer cycles).
Never soak for longer than 10 minutes and avoid using Vanish and other whitening products.
Tumble dry at 70 degrees for a soft effect, and 90 degrees for a more crushed finish.
We don't recommend ironing the full linen in order to keep the lovely crumpled texture intact, but we do like to iron the edges to give it a sharper edge.

"Single" size bed set.

The Story

We believe the true charm of this bedding collection rests in the versatility of our linen. Apart from being wonderfully comfortable to lay on, it is also incredibly breathable. Because all of our bedding is made of 100% fine Italian linen and has a slightly crushed, soft texture, summer breezes are able to reach through, and just enough warmth is held during the winter months. As you spend a third of your life sleeping, shouldn't you have bedding made for beautiful dreams. This collection is rustic and effortlessly elegant, the perfect addition to any home.
Handmade in Italy, just like our signature tablecloths.