Kate & Christian: Summerill & Bishop Wedding Gift List

Kate & Christian
How It Works:
You can either peruse and purchase these items through this page, or visit us in store where the team will happily guide you through our beautiful linens and homeware.
Once you have bought the gift of your choosing online, in the checkout within the Customer Information section, please enter our shop address as the Shipping Address -
100 Portland Road, London, W11 4LQ.

In the next stage within "Shipping Method", make sure to select ‘In Store Collection’ at our Portland Road store so that you won't be charged for delivery, and then leave a note in the message box for the beautiful couple - this way we will be able to make sure they get your gift and know exactly who it’s from. 
If you have any questions regarding the items feel free to call the main shop at +44 207 221 4566 or email us at [email protected]summerillandbishop.com