S&B Set of Twelve Falling Flower Paper Napkins in Avocado Green

S&B Set of Twelve Falling Flower Paper Napkins in Avocado Green


These napkins are made entirely from paper and carefully composed to look and even feel as close to our Italian linen napkins as possible.

Designed in honour of our co-founder Bernadette Bishop, these paper napkins features an elegant pattern of “falling flowers” in avocado green around its edge.

This is surely the world’s most beautiful paper napkins - as versatile as ever, and all the more appealing for being easily replaceable if the celebrations get messy.

Please note: This set contains twelve paper napkins.

Bernadette's flower in this design is a registered trademark of Summerill & Bishop Ltd.


Disposable. Please recycle.

40cm x 40cm

The Story

At S&B we believe that for something to be beautiful, it should also feel effortless in some way. This paper napkin is created with that in mind - artfully designed to look like our signature crushed linen, but without the upkeep. This napkin is perfect for spontaneously laying on the table for an impromptu evening of al fresco dining, without the worry of treating spills or stains the morning after. Welcome to one of our simplest joys, a beautiful napkin that's perfect for an evening of entertainment.