In the S&B spirit of creating community around the table, we opened a space we like to simply call School.
Based at our Tablecloth ShopSchool is all about a little something called "l'art de recevoir" (the French term for hosting) but as they put it so elegantly, it's so much more than that: It's a true art.

It's the magic of inviting friends and family into your home and giving them a wonderfully memorable experience—the tastes, scents, colours, decor, conversation all come together to create a unique and beautiful memory.

Working alongside our resident chef and curator, Marcelo de Campos, we are constantly looking to bring you a rich and varied curriculum.

Please see our School Calendar for upcoming classes.

Below are just a small selection of the exciting classes we've hosted over the last few months.

We look forward to welcoming you at School, where we hope to put a spring in your step, a few fresh tricks up your sleeve, and a new dish (or two) on the table.

To be the first to know about upcoming classes and secure your seat at the table, please sign up below for our School timetable update emails.

Food Preparation with Marcelo De Campos
Our resident chef Marcelo, hosts a regular schedule of local, seasonal food preparation workshops, as well as numerous Private workshops, built to individual clients briefs. To find out more, please look on our Calendar or section on Private Dinners.

Calligraphy with Betty Soldi
Betty Soldi not only teaches beautiful calligraphy, but also how to get creative with it.  In Betty's class, calligraphy didn't just stay confined to the page, instead it took on a wonderfully refreshing variety of forms, whether it was a place setting on a leaf, or a poem on a vintage scrap of paper.

Nutritional Therapy with Amelia Freer
We were delighted to host a three night residency with acclaimed nutritionalist Amelia Freer, to celebrate the launch of her new book, Cook.Nourish.Glow. Over the three nights, Amelia hosted intimate dinners talking about  the food choices we make and how they affect our health and answering the many varied questions from each night's diners.

Tulips with the Land Gardeners
Tulips are one of our favourite flowers here at S&B, so we were so excited to host The Land Gardeners and their workshop teaching just about anything you could ever hope to know about these wonderful flowers. 98 Portland Road was full to the brim with the most varied and colourful tulips we've ever seen.

Sushi with Mari
We had so many requests from our regular customers to host a class teaching how to make delicious sushi at home, that we invited the wonderful Mari in to pass on her huge knowledge and skills. This series of classes with Mari showed us all just what incredible creations we can make ourselves- whether for a formal dinner party or a treat to go in the lunch box.

Flower Arranging with Harper & Tom's
We love the style of our neighbours at Harper & Tom's - so turn to them regularly when we are in need of anything floral. Below are some images from one of the workshops they hosted for a clients baby shower, where all the guests learnt how to arrange flowers whilst enjoying a delicious tea made by our chef, Marcelo De Campos.

Tabletop Workshop with Annette Joseph
On our opening night at School, we were lucky to catch Annette Joseph, the American stylist, cookbook author, Instagram phenomenon, and expert on all things tabletop, as she made a whirlwind trip through London.
Annette taught a tabletop workshop to our first students, where they learnt how to set the table like a pro.

Kids Private Workshops
We are all about getting the whole family round the table, so love hosting our kids private workshops. We especially love a birthday - for more details click here.