Handblown Glass Footed Carafe in Light Blue, 17cm

Handblown Glass Footed Carafe in Light Blue, 17cm


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Add a dose of elegance to your table with this handblown glass footed carafe in a vibrant blue, handmade in Paris.

Use it as a serving jug for water, Pimms cocktails, punch and more, or, do as we do and use it as a vase for bouquets of spring flowers.

Please note: Because of the handmade nature of this product, no two are exactly alike and there are slight imperfections in each.  We think that's what makes them so special and unique.  

Due to its exquisite, delicate nature, we recommend hand wash only for this product.

Approx H: 17cm
Approx W: 8-9cm

The Story

One of our S&B far-flung finds, we discovered this small glass blowing outfit on a buying trip in Paris.
We love their glassware for its rusticity and, of course, for their bright palette.