MADE TO ORDER - Full Field Cornice Linen Napkin in Grape Purple & Gold

MADE TO ORDER - Full Field Cornice Linen Napkin in Grape Purple & Gold


Our Christmas collection linens are fastidiously painted by hand, meaning each design is made to order and is utterly bespoke. Each will be ready for collection or delivery in December.

Combining our two signature collections, 'Full Field' & 'Cornice', this stunning linen napkin is hand painted in a bold grape purple with an electric gold border.

It looks great on any surface, adding a flash of colour to your table.

We also have a matching tablecloth available.


Wash at up to 60 degrees on a regular cycle (avoid “eco” or longer cycles).
Never soak for longer than 10 minutes and avoid using Vanish and other whitening products.
Tumble dry at 70 degrees for a soft effect, and 90 degrees for a more crushed finish.
We don't recommend ironing the full napkin in order to keep the linen’s lovely crumpled texture intact, but we do like to iron the edges to give it a sharper edge.

50cm x 50cm

The Story

Cold, festive nights always bring a sense of magic to the holidays. This collection is designed to celebrate the joys of good company sharing a warm, hearty meal, and all the love and laughter that follows.
We hope this beautiful napkin brings your family and friends a little extra joy while they join you at the table.