S&B Gift Box 5 'Gouter Printanier'

S&B Gift Box 5 'Gouter Printanier'


S&B Gift Box - something to send to someone special, or to gift yourself, to help make each day just that little bit more beautiful.

Pressing pause - take the time to let yourself breathe and be transported somewhere else, for even the briefest of moments.

This box includes: 

1 x Oulan Bator Candle by Astier de Villatte

1 x Alice in Wonderland Notebook

1 x Pink Ceramic Bowl with Gold Rim, 10cm


Please see individual product descriptions.

Please see individual product descriptions.

The Story

The clocks have finally changed and Spring is officially here – so send the essence of Spring in a box. Imagine pastures of wild flowers in the Swiss Alps. In the middle is your chalet, its walls infused with the smells of milk and honey…citrus notes are wafting through the open windows from the ancient lime trees that surround you.
Take your fill of the air and breathe … bathe your hands in some orange blossom to remind you of ‘navettes’, your gourmet afternoon treat, and drift through an afternoon of reading. Your very own happy place. 'Bonheur’ to you all.