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A Fragrant Note

A Fragrant Note

[ A Fragrant Note ]

"Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived". - Helen Keller.

The beauty of a scent is that it is personal to each individual.
A scent can evoke long lost memories, moments we have loved and people that we treasure. 
With Passover starting last night and the long Easter weekend approaching, team S&B are missing our loved ones more than ever.  This has resulted in us surrounding ourselves with as many familiar comforts at home as we can, anything that make us feel more connected to our normal lives and ‘family’.
There is no better way to do this than with fragrance. The sharp fresh citrus zing when you first slice through a lemon, a simple rose note that reminds you of a particular loved one, or just the earthy scent in the atmosphere after it heavily rains and the air is clear.  The memories they all spark are priceless.
So, whilst we don’t have the magic to surround you with your loved ones at the moment (we are turning to Zoom and Houseparty for that), we do have the ability to bring warmth and nostalgia into your home through our favourite scents
Below is our selection of candles, incense, room sprays, essential oil and soaps,  that we hope will bring love and warmth into your home, or provide the perfect gift for someone you will be missing this weekend.

Happy Holidays,




Mantes la Jolie Candle by Astier de Villatte
Unabashed citrus notes of bergamot mint, crunchy green-stem fragrant accents and the instant freshness of eucalyptus in this candle, evoke memories of displays of fresh herbs on your daily visit to the village market.
Honolulu Candle by Astier de Villatte
Aloha Sunshine: the opulent fragrance of white gardenia reveals its many facets through slightly acidic notesof Californian lemon and heady ylang – ylang essence.
Vanilla adds a sweet touch of sunshine to this voluptuous blend.  
Bring the sunshine into your home.
Villa Médicis Incense by Astier de Villatte
The unique spirit and character of the Villa Médicis provides the sensory inspiration for these incense sticks – their smoke exudes a sweet fragrance of lemon tree leaves, lavender and oregano flowers.
The air thrills with the woody aroma of the tall cedars nearby, and the inexpressible fragrance of the ancient stones in the heat of the sun.
 A sensory trip to the streets of Rome.
Namche Bazar Incense by Astier de Villatte
Transport yourself to the gateway of Mount Everest with a fragrant smoke that exudes an alluring combination of tobacco, dry hay, patchouli and South American maté.
These vapours combine with notes of fresh verbena and aromatic lavandin for a momentous finish – like sunrise gleaming on fresh snow, miles above the surface of the earth.
Liquid Marseille Soap in Fresh Verbena
A refreshing scent of verbena with citronella notes enriched with the subtle harmony of wood and musk.
Liquid Marseille Soap in Pink Grapefruit
This summer grapefruit soap is a radiant scent combining the zestiness of grapefruit and rhubarb with the floral notes of jasmine and rose.

[ Candle ]
Alger Candle by Astier de Villatte
 A North African city with Parisian overtones. Whitewashed Haussmanian facades, Persian blinds painted blue and overwhelming heat.
From the bustling arcades rises a delicious perfume of white campion, privet flowers, wild jasmine, and bitter orange, finished with a light acidic bite and a generous hint of chilli.  
Liquid Marseille Soap in Wild Rose
This wild Rose soap has a timeless floral fragrance with exotic and sultry notes. Essential oils of rose are infused with fresh citrus notes and then entwined with hints of wood and musk to create the perfect balance of sweet and floral.
Romeo & Juliet Room Spray
The current lock-down must be creating a world of separated lovers. This fragrance encapsulates that famous balcony scene as the young couple kiss for the first time, the scent of night jasmine grows stronger, enveloping the pure and innocent young lovers with its sensual fragrances, the air is heady with bergamot, rose and ylang.  
A sweet and innocent fragrance to freshen any room.


Oulan Bator Candle by Astier de Villatte
The capital of Mongolia sprawls between mountains and forests, offering an incredibly diverse range of sensory experiences – but this scented candle looks out to the desert steppe, capturing the essence of nomadic encampments under wide open skies, with wisps of tobacco, leather, ambergris, and angelica root essence. 
Unique and transporting.
Jerusalem Candle by Astier de Villatte
Take a sensory pilgrimage from your living room through the celestial city ... as church incense dissolves the dark and secret emanations of oud, cedar wood and nutmeg, followed by the lightness of cypress.   
Delhi Incense by Astier de Villatte
Our signature scent in the shop, this incense mixes the scents of betel, benzoin, musk and myrrh, smoked wood, vanilla and eucalyptus—a sensory trip to the busy streets of Delhi.
Atelier de Balthus Incense by Astier de Villatte
Balthus’ workshop is a romantic wood-panelled room, with green meadows stretching out beyond the window … sunlight streams delicately across a still life of paint brushes, palettes, pots, half-finished canvases, and rags still wet with linseed oil.
In the air is a heady scent of turpentine, mixed with wisps of sweet smoke, along with honey, tobacco and cedar wood wafting in the open window from the forests beyond.  
Artistic magic to inspire you at home.
The Nutcracker Room Spray
This Nutcracker room spray is rich in layers, with a delightful pine and cypress tree scent infused with warming Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger scents, underscored with honey and vanilla. 
When the sun goes down it will warm up any room and get you dreaming of ginger cake fresh out of the oven.
Elixir Of Love Room Spray
A rich infusion of spices: Cardamom, Ginger and Cloves, with just a drop of tea.  Give the room just one spray and zone out to Pavarotti’s rendition of ‘Una furtiva lagrima’ (A furtive tear).

Lavandin Essence Spray, 125ml
Lavandin essence is one of our signature products – a staple of S&B for many years.
Sourced from a small farm in Provence, its lovely fresh scent is perfect to freshen up your home.
Lavender Heart in Light Blue
These beautiful heart shaped lavender pouches are hand sewn using 100% linen and contain organic lavender.
Perfect for lining drawers and cupboards to keep your clothing, towels and bed linens fresh.

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