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Table Linen for Life
Our company has a duty of care and an unwavering dedication and commitment to the ecological and social responsibilities, all of us in this world share. We’re constantly committed to evolving and improving as a business and finding new ways to protect our planet; it's an ongoing commitment, of which we’re proud of our efforts thus far.
We are committed to regularly reviewing our practices, with the mission of improving the environment for our suppliers, customers and our neighbours wherever possible. 
Ultimately, our table linen is for life, modern heirlooms designed to be cherished and treasured for our generation and those to come. 

Social Responsibility
To be socially accountable, is one of our utmost priorities. We intend to create positive social and societal impact through all that we do. We observe a responsible approach to design by working closely with artisans, makers and craftspeople who conduct their businesses in ways that enhance both the environment and the local community. 

Responsibility is a continuing process, and we are continually looking for ways to better our practices. We know that small yet efficient solutions like the eradication of single use plastic and recycling all paper and cardboard is a small step that can amount to a big difference. All waste that we produce whilst running our business on a daily basis is recycled. 

Our carrier bags are 100% recyclable – they are comprised entirely of brown paper so you can shop assured that no plastic is going to nature. 

The majority of our products, particularly our tablecloths and napkins are made from natural fibres and are recyclable. 
Our core ranges are made of 100% linen, sourced from France and Italy.
Flax, the fibre that constitutes linen, is generally considered highly sustainable as its cultivation requires fewer chemicals than cotton and little or no irrigation. 
When the linen is prepared for production, the process adheres to strict rules under the ISO 14001 certification, the Oeko-Tex standard and the European Reach agreement to ensure best practice for health and wellbeing and for the environment. All water used in the production process is treated in house, with 50% being reused. Water making its way back into the natural world is first treated in a local, independent treatment station. 
Summerill & Bishop Paper Tablecloth & Napkins are completely biodegradable; they can be composted at home and bear FSC certification as well as the Nordic Swan and BLUE ANGEL Ecolabels.  

We are proud to support the Kensington & Chelsea Foodbank.