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A Pinch of Salt & A Sprinkle of Pepper

A Pinch of Salt & A Sprinkle of Pepper

We have started to miss the heat of the sun this week.

So, we thought we could shake things up by adding a pinch of seasoning & spice to your table - thus bringing a little heat back into your day. 

Get ready for the perfect grind...




[ Grinders + Shakers ]
The perfect grind can be hard to find, but not with Peugeot's smooth, engineered silver plated mills. With their classically elegant design, it's clear this pair were made for each other.

Go "au natural" with the rustically classic Natural Beechwood Peugeot Salt & Pepper Mill. In this case size does matter, a 40cm Mill means you take your seasoning very seriously. 

These glass 'Sea Urchin' salt & pepper shakers in yellow are gems that seem to belong to Neptune's personal treasure trove. Add them to your table.

The perfect little pinch pot. Add colour & elegance to your table with our darling small ceramic bowls, choose from a rainbow of hues with a gold glaze or a gold rim.

 Ceramic Bowls with Gold Rim, 6cm | £42.50
Full Painted Ceramic Bowl with Gold Glaze, 6cm  | £48.50

From the same collection, these sweet ceramic bowls add a pop of colour to the table and make a lovely hostess gift that can be used as decorative pieces throughout the house.
 Choose from a rainbow of hues with a gold rim.

 Ceramic Bowls with Gold Rim, 10cm | £55

Made in Italy run by a husband & wife team, we fell in love with these handmade bowls so much we stock them in every colour.

Small Porcelain Bowl with White Edge, 8cm | £43.50

We like to use this handmade small porcelain bowl as a modern take on a salt cellar or to sprinkle spices. The hand painted gold interior gives an artistically chic look to the table, not forgetting the darlingly cute hand made spoon for scooping & sprinkling.

 Small Porcelain Bowl with a Matte Gold Interior & Spoon, 6cm | £43.50

With its delicate petal shape, this small Astier de Villatte ceramic bowl makes a sophisticated serving dish for canapés and condiments.

Marguerite Dish by Astier de Villatte | £67.50


These delicate handblown glass jam jars feature a sweet decorative fruit and are perfect for displaying homemade jams, sugar, sweets and more! 

Glass Jam Jar with Fruit Lid | £75

These delightfully small, vintage inspired glass jars are durable yet still have a rustic charm - and are perfect for storing all manner of herbs and spices in the kitchen.

Recycled Glass Jar with Cork | £8.95

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