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A thought on Love

A thought on Love

Love, in all its guises and iterations, is a subject that has no beginning and knows no end. It is a boundless joy that permeates our lives. Some days it works quietly behind the scenes and other days we know it's there, manifesting in grand gestures, small acts of kindness and everything else in between.

Voltaire once said that 'Love is a canvas furnished by nature and embroidered by imagination.' Perhaps that's an eloquent way of saying it's the little things in life that make all the difference, especially when a little thought is involved. Whatever your interpretation, at S&B we have the perfect something to express your affection. 

No matter who your Valentine may be this year, whether it's your partner, mother, sister or best friend, (we think it's safe to say that we all need a pick me up after the twists and turns of the past year), we have you covered. Discover a few of our favourite gifts in the edit below.
All our love, 

[L] Serena Pink Flower Mug by Astier de Villatte [R] Serena Jewellery Box by Astier de Villatte   

[L] Handblown Bumba Glass in Claret Red [R] Crying Heart Saucer by Astier de Villatte

[L] Amour Bonheur Porcelain Bowl in Matte Gold [R] Atelier de Balthus Incense by Astier de Villatte 

S&B x Lisou Heart Linen Tablecloth in Petal Pink & Forest Green 

S&B x Lisou Heart Linen Napkin, 25x25cm

[L] Lavender Heart in Fuchsia, Heather & Purple [R] Amour Amour Amour Porcelain Bowl in Matte Gold 

[L] Pink Flower Plate by Astier de Villatte [R] Handblown Glass Clair Jug in Rose Pink

 [L] HB 'Love' Jagged Salt Pot, 7cm [R] HB Jagged Salt Pot with Lips, 7cm

Large Ceramic Shell Bowl in Matte Silver, 30cm 

[L] HB Jagged Salt Pot with Heart, 7cm [R] Alger Candle by Astier de Villatte 

[L] Handblown Oblique Vase, 14cm [R] Ceramic Crackled Vase in Pink 

[L] Gold Edge Linen Napkin in Pale Pink [R] Small Soft Pink Porcelain Bowl with White Edge, 8cm


Love Word Linen Tablecloth in Rose Pink

[L] Painted Rose Pitcher by Astier de Villatte [R] Handblown Clear Bumba Glass with Rose Pink Rim 

[L] Handblown Bumba Glass in Rose Pink [R] Handblown Clair Glass in Claret Red 

[L] Amour Word Linen Tablecloth in Grape Purple [R] Love Word Linen Tablecloth in Rose Pink

[L] Pelargonium Mug by Astier de Villatte [R] Eau de Chic Cologne by Astier de Villatte, 50ml 

Amour Amour Amour Porcelain Bowl in Matte Gold

[L] Romeo & Juliet Notebook [R] Handblown Glass Fuck You Tumbler


[L] Nude Linen Napkin 'Female with Lips' in Midnight Blue [R] Nude Linen Napkin 'Male' in Gold

[L] S&B Classic Wine Glasses with Gold Rim [L] S&B Classic Champagne Flute, 17cl

Namche Bazar Incense by Astier de Villatte

 Our S&B Gift Boxes have style sealed up - the perfect gift to send to someone special...

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