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Basket is the New Vase

[Basket is the New Vase]

Issue #14
Neon is the new black
Culottes are the new skinny
50 is the new 20
Platforms are the new heel
Raw is the new cooked
Activism is the new charity
Copper is the new steel

[Basket is the new Vase]

Hogla Flower Basket, £74.50

 Vietnamese French Rattan Basket, £155

Small Hogla Egg Basket, £31.50

Small Hogla Trug, £31

Oval Wicker Basket, £29.95

Hogla Fruit Picking Basket,£52.50

 Small Woven Palm Shopping Basket with Leather Handles, £35

Hogla Flower Basket, £74.50

 Small Hogla Round Basket, £24

Large Woven Palm Basket, £35

Tall Hogla Basket, £105

Small Hogla Egg Basket, £31.50

Special thanks to Harper and Tom’s for their beautiful flowers and plants:
[Harper and Tom’s]
73 Clarendon Road
W11 4JF
020 7792 8510