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Bernadette's New Falling Flower Linens

[Bernadette's New Falling Flower Linens]

[Falling Flower]

Last Sunday saw a very unusual international Mothering Sunday, with most people avoiding their mothers to protect them, rather than embracing them.

Fortunately for most of us, this is just a temporary separation. But for some, this happy day is tinged with sadness for the mothers who are no longer with us.

At S&B we remember one of our own founding 'mothers' (and for one of us, our actual mother) the lovely and inspirational, Bernadette.

Five years ago we introduced our Bernadette Bishop Falling Flower tablecloth and napkin range, so that 'Bernie' would be forever with us at the table - the place where she was at her happiest. Since then, Bernadette's signature flower has grown to become out most treasured design and the unofficial emblem of S&B.

We are now thrilled to announce the launch of a new edition light blue 'Falling Flower' tablecloth and napkin collection, alongside our first BB Falling Flower cushion range.

This new cushion range has been a real labour of love. Produced in small batches here in the UK, each cushion is hand-finished, to create the perfect accompaniment to our table linens.

Made in a heavy, natural linen to be hardwearing, the cushions are just as at home around the dining table as they are on sofas or beds.

We miss you Bernie - but we know you would be proud.


The S&B Family

Bernadette's Falling Flower Linen Tablecloth in Light Blue
165cm x 250cm, £250
165cm x 300cm, £295
165cm x 380cm, £355