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[Express Yourself]

'How was your day dear?'


Sound familiar?

For us, tablecloths and tableware are more than just humble objects. If they encourage people to sit and stay at the table for longer, then they are the catalysts to conversation and mental wellbeing.

We realise though, that sometimes, words might not come all that readily. Some things are easily said and other things are not. Some conversations after all, take a little coaxing and may need to be expressed differently.

Enter our newly designed Handblown Glass Mood Tumblerswhich you may shrug off as a funny face on a glass but hear us out... We've created these glasses with a specific purpose, to encourage conversation. Each glass is emblazoned with a different 'mood', so that children and adults alike, can pick a glass that best represents how they feel that day, so that they can share their feelings, happy or otherwise and download their anxieties, together at the table.

Meet the six new faces that, we hope, are going to help you, your family and friends, express all the things that are left unsaid. 

With love,

[ Happy ]

[ Sad

[ Love ]

[ Angry

[ Cheeky

[ Choose yours! ]