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Fashionable Table Linens

Fashionable Table Linens

The online London Fashion Week presentations have been a welcome distraction these past few days; there's nothing we enjoy seeing more than creativity in abundance, passion for your craft and a spotlight on emerging talent.
The parallels between the fashion and interiors industries are many - we all aim to project our personalities through what we choose to wear and what we decide to bring into our homes. And ever so increasingly, we're observing an overarching message: buy fewer, buy better. Look to heirloom-quality pieces that know no limit on time nor trend.

 We thought now a fitting time to celebrate our own collaborations, that see the worlds of fashion and interiors merge, to create table linens that we hope, you'll treasure forever.
With love,


A style synonymous with MATCHESFASHION, decorative marbling calls to mind antiquity: leather bound book, time-honoured tradition and precious handmade Italian paper. Such established art forms never lose their appeal. "Marble" is a modern interpretation of the centuries-old technique, allowing this collection to have one foot in the past and one decidedly in the present, meaning it works beautifully in both classic and contemporary settings.
Available in 165 x 250cm and 165 x 300cm

[ S&B x Lisou ]

Designed together with our long-time friend Rene Macdonald, Founder and Creative Director of ready-to-wear label, Lisou, our S&B x Lisou collection is infused with happiness, spirit and a whole lotta love. In a short space of time, Lisou has bounded onto the sartorial scene to much accolade and for good reason - as well as designing and producing beautiful, contemporary clothing, Lisou is dedicated to making a positive global impact. We're so proud to collaborate with another like-minded local business and we love to love the coy motif that embodies our 'Lisou' design!
Our much loved Lisou collection has sadly sold out but we may just have a surprise coming your way in a few weeks so watch this heart shaped space!

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[ S&B x Shrimps ]

We were excited to collaborate with cult fashion label Shrimps, who, amongst other accolades, have made faux fur oh so terribly au courant. Together with Shrimps founder Hannah Weiland, we thought we'd bring the brilliance of Shrimps into the dining room, translating Hannah's signature style to the table. The result? Three unique tablecloths that marry texture, colour and creativity, in the most luscious and indulgent way possible.

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Available in 170 x 310cm

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"Mabel" S&B x Shrimps Linen Tablecloth
Available in 160 x 300cm and 160 x 380cm

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