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"Le Menu"

"Le Menu"

Dear Friends & Family,

 One of our greatest privileges is collaborating with our closest friends—and our latest may be one of the most meaningful yet. As many readers will know, we have a deep affinity with the South of France. It is where late co-founder, Bernadette Bishop, spent her childhood... where co-founder June Summerill has had a home for many years... and is the location of St Paul de Vence's La Colombe d'Or, one of the French Riviera's most mythical addresses and our happy place.

Opened in 1920, La Colombe d'Or is known all over the world as a place where the Provençal art of living exists alongside an astonishing private collection of art. Artists including Picasso, Calder, Chagall and Miro cherished La Colombe d'Or's hospitality and rustic charm.  

 Like S&B, it's where art and food come together. It is a home away from home—a place of warmth, simplicity and authenticity that shares so many of our values. This is a place that has been filled with tables overflowing with people sharing friendship, laughter and stories for close to 100 years. 

Now, we are thrilled to reveal one of the ways we are celebrating our 25th anniversary. For the very first time in La Colombe d'Or's long history, the wonderful Roux family has allowed us to share some of their warmth and romanticism with you.  

Working closely with our dear friends Daniéle and François Roux, we have created a beautiful, linen tablecloth and napkin adorned with their iconic and timeless menu.  

The only bittersweet edge to this tale? These incredible table cloths will only ever be produced once. So if you share our affinity for this magical place, or simply love the idea of these beautiful and iconic words splashed across your summer table, please do hurry.

"Le Menu" S&B x La Colombe d'Or drops this Friday, 7th June at 1pm on our website.



[Our limited-edition, 25th anniversary collaboration with La Colombe d'Or]

["Le Menu"]

La Colombe d'Or is found at the entrance of the sleepy village, St Paul de Vence. From the road, you walk through an ivy-covered arch into a sandstone courtyard, which leads to the sprawling grounds and rustic restaurant tables under the shade of leafy trees.  

La Colombe d'Or's story began in 1920, when local farmer Paul Roux opened a humble cafe-bar called Chez Robinson in the tiny village of St Paul de Vence. It closed for a few years when he and his wife had small children, and then opened in its current form in 1931—where it remains the place to go for good food, good times and beautiful art.

"If only the walls of La Colombe d'Or could talk," says Daniéle Roux. Every corner tells a story. For instance, one of the inn's earthenware dishes was so greatly admired by Picasso that he offered to exchange one of his paintings for it. It's now aptly named "Picasso Dish."

While there is art everywhere in La Colombe d'Or—in the bedrooms, hallways, dining room and garden—part of the magic of this place is that there are no formal labels or pamphlets shouting these famous names. This is a place where discretion matters. The art is merely part of the walls and the story. 

With the impressive art collection comes temptation. In 1959, Paul Roux's wife Titine came downstairs to discover nearly all of the masterpieces were gone, except for a Chagall. The artist, who was visiting at the time, is said to have been quite offended! (Good news: they were all recovered in the end.)

For our collaborative tablecloth and napkin, we asked June to choose her favourite Provençal dishes from La Colombe d'Or's traditional menu. Having eaten there for many years with her husband Jon (the couple had their honeymoon here too!), we could think of no-one better to find the perfect balance of dreamy dishes.

[The tablecloth in June's dining room at her home in St Paul de Vence]

[25th Anniversary 'Le Menu' S&B X La Colombe d'Or, available in-store and online from 07/06/19 from 1pm BST]

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