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Lessons at the Table

Lessons at the Table

Occasionally, the dinner table is the backdrop for the kind of advice and wisdom that stays with you for as long as you live.  

A couple of months ago, our CEO, Seb, was asked to give a presentation on entrepreneurship to a group of 14 and 15 year old kids.  As he was preparing for his speech, it got him thinking about what his parents used to say in their conversations at the dinner table that inspired him to work hard in order to be successful.  For example, Seb's father, John, always used to say, "Never give up,” and “If you are going to do something, do it properly, or don’t do it at all” both of which have always stuck with him, and which we've overheard him tell his own kids from time to time.

We were interested to find out what kinds of advice some of our most brave, original and enterprising friends grew up with, and so we asked them to share it here. Below, some gems you might want to try out at your own dinner table.


[What My Elders Taught Me...] 

[Natalie Massenet]
Founder, Net-A-Porter

- From Natalie's father.

[Ivan Gazidis]
CEO, Arsenal Football Club

- From Ivan's father (who was imprisoned in South Africa during Apartheid.)

[Charlotte Dellal]
Founder, Charlotte Olympia

- From Charlotte's parents.

[Jason Gissing]
Co-founder, Ocado

 - From Jason's parents.

[Gregg Lemkau]
Co-Head of Global Mergers & Acquisitions, Goldman Sachs

- From Gregg's father, Curt Lemkau.

[Davina McCall]
TV Presenter

- From a school teacher of Davina's.

[June Summerill]
Co-Founder, Summerill & Bishop

- From June's parents.

[Gil de Ferran]
Racing car driver and winner of the Indy 500

- From Gil's parents. 

[Juliet de Baubigny]
Senior Partner, Kleiner Perkins

- From Juliet's parents. 

[Mark Snell]
Headmaster, Wetherby School

- From Mark's father.

[Skye Gyngell]
Chef, Spring

- From Skye's mother.

[Benoît Astier de Villatte]
Co-Founder, Astier de Villatte

- A quote by Plato that Benoît's father often used.

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