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A tablecloth is transformative; it has the power to immediately grasp your gaze as you enter the room and most importantly, it anchors a family at the dining table, the place where we learn nurture, protection, love and compassion. 

Malachite, with its evocative emerald green swirls and streaks, is the symbolic healing stone of all these things. And so, what better pattern to soothe the senses and ground you at the table.

Discover our new Malachite collection, which comprises a tablecloth, available in three sizes and matching napkin, printed on 100% pure French linen.

With love,

Available in three sizes; 
165 x 250 cm / 65 x 98 in
 165 x 300 cm / 65 x 118 in
165 x 380 cm / 65 x 150 in

50 x 50 cm / 20 x 20 in

[ On The Rocks ] 

Malachite is known for transformation and times of transition, so the perfect print to ring the changes with the coming Autumn season. Pair with a palette of milky white and warm, metallic golden accents for the most evocative of tablescapes. 

[ Style It With ]

Handblown Glass Bumba Jug in Emerald Green with Pink Rim
Alphabet Napkin 'M' in Gold
S&B Classic Wine Glasses with Gold Rim
Handblown Bumba Glass in Emerald Green with Pink Rim 


Glass Carafe with Stopper
Handblown Italian Coloiured Glass Cake Stand
Atelier de Balthus Incense by Astier de Villatte
Serena Incense Holder by Astier de Villatte

 Crésus Dinner Plate with Gold Rim by Astier de Villatte
Handprinted Japanese Chiyogami Covered Small Sketchbook, Branches on Gold
S&B Handmade 35cm Porcelain Salad Bowl with Gold Glaze 
Merci Beaucoup Porcelain Bowl in Matte Gold

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