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New S&B Easter Picks

New S&B Easter Picks


[S&B Easter Picks: Available In Store Only]

This Tuesday was officially the first day of Spring (even though it snowed in Notting Hill over the weekend).

As such, we have found ourselves craving colour and enjoying beautiful light whenever and wherever we can find it.

So just in time for the pending festivities we've collected a few of our newest and brightest items to inspire your Easter table.

These items are so very new that for the moment they can only be purchased in store or over the phone. We simply love them so much we had to share a few photos ahead of schedule. If there is anything you love as much as we do please call +44 207 221 4566 or email

Our beautiful shops are located at:

100 Portland Road, London, W11 4LQ


141 Ebury Street
London, SW1W 9QW




[Woven Placemats]

Woven placemats that add an elegantly rustic texture to any tablescape. These placemats are equal parts beautiful and durable.

£30.00 each

[Reclaimed Painted Oars]

We know these may not go on your Easter Table, however there is something truly irresistible and nostalgic about these brightly painted oars. Looking at them somehow brings Spring and Summer a little closer to home.

£195.00 each

[Handblown Murano Stripe Glass Vases ]

Handblown on the island of Murano, these vases are the perfect addition to the tumblers you may have already spotted on our shelves. Designed with clean, contemporary lines and an incredibly delicate composition, each vase is a piece of art in its own right.

£295.00 each

[Geometric Cut Shot Glass]

These tactile and weighty shot glasses are cut with geometric patterns, playing with light and adding a sense of texture to any surface. Maybe you'll use them for limoncello in a few months, but at the moment we envision them filled with mini chocolate eggs scattered around the table.

£9.95 each

[Woven Baguette Baskets]

Every beautiful baguette and freshly baked loaf of bread deserves a worthy basket.
These are our favourite at the moment.

Woven Baguette Basket £70.00 each
Woven Bread Basket £65.00 each

[Bud Vases]

Enjoy mixing and matching our selection of brilliantly hued bud vases, perfect for welcoming the changing seasons.

£12.95 each

[Woven Cutlery Basket]

The last touch to our woven tableware pieces - the woven cutlery basket.

£55.00 each

[Oil Pourer & Glass Jars]

The makings of a welcoming table lie in the details. Taking the time to decant olive oil, honey, salt or any condiment can change the feeling of what you are about to sit down to experience. These pieces are elegant in their simplicity, and add a touch of charm to the table.

Oil Pourer with Cork Stopper £22.50 each
Glass Bulb Jar with Cork Stopper £8.95 each
Glass Round Jar with Cork Stopper £8.95 each

[Antoinette Poisson Guest Book]

Hand printed by a method not seen since before the French Revolution, these Guest Books are inspired by 18th century wall papers. Inside each page artfully allows guests to inscribe where they sat at the table and the moments they shared. These books are elegant in every way, the perfect gift and memory keeper.

£95.00 each

[Reclaimed Painted Banister Candlesticks]

An absolute favourite over the holidays, these Banister Candlesticks have arrived mottled in various shades of blues and greens. They give height and create atmosphere, but also seem to have stories of their own one cannot help but wonder about.

£72.00 each

[Handblown Wine Carafe and Glasses]

Handblown by master artisans from the Kingdom of Swaziland, trained by some of the world's leading glassblowers. These vessels are elegantly thin and provide a refreshing alternative to the standard bottle of wine and glasses on the table.

Handblown Dented Robin Wine Carafe £125.00 each
Handblown Red Wine Glass £17.50 each
Handblown White Wine £15.50 each

[Handblown Murano 'Fila' Glasses]

There is something about these 'Pastelli' Murano Glasses that remind us of vintage soda and candy shops. With such vibrant yet translucent colours glistening in the light, these glasses have a hard candy-esque look about them we simply cannot resist - the kind of 'Pick n' Mix' we get very excited about.

£110.00 each

[Goblet Tumbler]

These tumblers are made of thick, durable glass while still possessing a sense of charm, they are the glasses you will use forever.

£12.95 each

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