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Pancake Day

Pancake Day


At Summerill & Bishop, we pride ourselves in sourcing beautiful and individual objects from all around the world.

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, we have scoured the web for our favourite pancake recipes and here are our tried and tested top five.

[Crêpes Suzette]

This delicious recipe for Crêpes Suzette is made with fresh oranges and lemons. Get the recipe by James Martin

 Crepes Suzette served in the Astier de Villatte Marguerite Large Oval Platter.

[The Traditional English Pancake]

A true classic, this thin crepe-like pancake is delicious simply topped with sugar and a squeeze of lemon - get the traditional recipe by Delia Smith

Traditional English Pancakes are served on our Oak wooden boards, all hand made in England.

[Fluffy American Pancake]

For a special breakfast treat, these fluffy American pancakes topped with a dollop of creamy butter and a dousing of maple syrup really hit the spot - get the recipe from Nigella Lawson

The Fluffy America Pancakes are served on the rectangular Maple Wood Chopping Board, handcrafted in Wisconsin by Edward Wohl.

[South African Pannekoek with Cinnamon & Brown Sugar]

For those with a real sweet tooth, these South African Pannekoek are perfect! Crepe like in texture and filled with brown sugar, butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon - get the recipe from food blogger Alida Ryder 

 The South African Pannekoek are served on the Wonki Ware Large Trough, hand made in South Africa.

[Italian Style Pancakes with Apple, Mascarpone & Lemon]

These Italian style pancakes are thick and spongey. Filled with grated apple and topped with a zesty mascarpone they have a delicious freshness (meaning you can eat more!) Get the recipe by the Chiappa sisters. 
The Italian Pancake with Apple and Mascarpone is served on a wonki ware plate with Bertozzi Cimabue Stripe Tea Towel, hand dyed and crafted in Northern Italy.

[Here's our list of products to help create the perfect pancake...]

These Set of Five Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls are perfect for preparing your pancake mixture.

Aerate your mixture with minimal effort - Stainless Steel Balloon Whisk, 25cm.

Flip your pancakes with confidence using these Paderno Non Stick Frying Pan and Crepe Pan.

Elegantly spoon your batter mixture into the pan with this Vintage French Silver Plate Ladle.

This dainty Copper Mauviel Pan with Lid is a truly chic way to melt your butter. 

Pour your sugar in style in these retro Glass Sugar Pourers.

Squeeze your lemons with ease using this Beechwood Lemon Squeezer.

Store your flour, sugar and other dry ingredients in these airtight glass & clip-lid Weck jars.

Easily lift your pancakes with this Stainless Steel Palette Knife.

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