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S&B Linen Placemats

[S&B Linen Placemats]

Issue #87
Having traveled to some truly beautiful islands and atolls across the world, we've always dreamed of owning an island of our very own.


We think we've found (sort of) a close second.

In a sea of beautiful tablecloths we've realized exactly what we're missing - little islands for the table.

Made from our signature Italian linen these placemats are a whole other kind of beautiful.

We hope you love them and have a play at creating your own colourful archipelago of sorts.



Full Field Classic Linen Placemats


Full Field Linen Placemat in Midnight Blue £38 each

Cornice 'Easy Wipe' Linen Placemats

Cornice Easy Wipe Coated Linen Placemat in Rose Pink £38 each


Cornice Easy Wipe Coated Linen Placemat in Avocado Green £38 each