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S&B x EARNT for Age UK

S&B x EARNT for Age UK

[ Let's Bake Love! ]
Summerill & Bishop x EARNT for Age UK Kensington & Chelsea 

Today,  we're launching a special collaboration with our friends at EARNT and Age UK. The collaboration is unlike anything we've ever done or offered to you before - exclusive, yes (we only have 30 spots available), but this time around, we need your help.

Did you know that every year,  Age UK Kensington and Chelsea host their "Valentine's Gala Concert"? Around 400 people, all local to the borough, are invited for an afternoon of tea, coffee, cakes, choir performances and most importantly, companionship. This year, we want to help make the event the most magical one yet... We're looking for 30 brilliant bakers (brilliant in the sense of willing and excited to help) to each bake two teatime treats to be served at this rather special afternoon tea, held in a beautiful church in Kensington. Age UK are dedicated to creating community and to reducing isolation and loneliness, which sadly 1.4 million older people are said to experience every single day. These people are our neighbours, our friends, our family. Together, let's make sure no older person in our community celebrates Valentine's alone. 

In return for your hard work, we'll gift you  one of our beautiful pink Heart tablecloths, just in time for Valentine's Day... but let's be honest, that's not really the point is it. This is an exclusive opportunity, yes, but you don't need to queue early or have the right connections. This is different to other limited drops. This is for those who want to do something positive for their local community and to make someone else's day that bit brighter. We know you, our customer, and so we know we have exactly the right people to help us do this. 

So why EARNT and Age UK?
Growing older is a privilege but not necessarily a piece of cake. So, if you can, please help us make this wonderful event extra sweet for our older, wiser neighbours and get baking with us! We're not expecting wonders, just two puds made with love. We always say that good things come to those who create, so when you pop in to drop off your bakes, we'll give you one of our beautiful pink Heart tablecloths, as a heartfelt thanks.

If this sounds like fun and something you can help us with, find the specifics toward the end of the email and the sign up link.

Our partners  n this are the wonderful EARNT. EARNT help brands mobilise their customer base to get good things done. They're redefining what VIP means, by prioritising and rewarding those that go the extra mile by taking part in something that matters. Brands can change the world, no matter the size. In our case, we may be small, but we are mighty, and we know that with our friends (you), we can make good things happen, together. Sometimes when we buy something, we take it for granted, it's much more rewarding to earn it. 

We need to feed roughly 450 people.  So, we're asking 30 people to bake two items each. As a guide, we'd suggest either two cakes or one cake and a batch of cookies/cupcakes/brownies/flapjacks etc. A batch must be at least 12 items - but the more the better and if they could be heart shaped or Valentine's related, that would be perfect!

You will need to be able to drop your bakes off to us at our Portland Road store, alongside the name of your bakes and an ingredients list, on Thursday 9th February between 10am and 2pm and we'll take of the rest. 

In return when you drop off, you'll receive one of our beautiful pink Heart tablecloths. 

Quite simply, there is no better feeling than doing something good for someone else. Especially in this case when sadly, these lovely ladies and gentlemen can go days without talking to anyone at all. No older person should feel lonely, not when there are so many of us here to help. So, let's do it, together. 

We need you to drop off your bakes at Summerill & Bishop, 100 Portland Road, W11 4LQ on Thursday 9th February, between 10am and 2pm. 

The event takes place the next day so we will take care of overnight storage and transportation. As the bakes will sit overnight, please avoid anything that needs refrigerating. 

Sign up! 
To volunteer and become and S&B baker, please register here. The first 30 will be selected. 

Things to remember: 
1.  Please include the titles of your bakes alongside an ingredient list. This is really important.
2. All bakes will be delivered to the event the day after drop off, so they will sit overnight. With this in mind, please avoid anything that needs refrigerating.
3. Please drop your bakes at Summerill & Bishop, 100 Portland Road, W11 4LQ between 10am and 2pm on Thursday 9th February and collect your Square Linen Heart Tablecloth in Pink at the same time.
4. Where possible, bakes should be Valentine's related, so think heart shaped, pink, red, sprinkles - as creative as you like!
5. The first 30 volunteers to apply will be selected.
6. Tablecloth gift cannot be exchanged for other goods. 

Thank you gift ♥️
Our Pink Heart Linen Tablecloth

Terms & Conditions

- A customer  must register their wish to take part in the S&B x EARNT program.
- Summerill & Bishop will only accept a maximum of 30 volunteer baker spots. Selection will be based on a first come, first serve basis. 
- You are only eligible to qualify as a volunteer baker once you have received a confirmation email from EARNT confirming you have been selected as a volunteer baker. 
- The customer will deliver at least two homemade teatime options on Thursday 9th February, between 10am and 2pm, to Summerill & Bishop, 100 Portland Road, W11 4LQ.
- The customer will provide a written title for their bakes and an ingredients list.
- Where possible, bakes should be Valentine's related, so think heart shaped, pink, red, sprinkles - as creative as you like!
- All bakes will be delivered to the event the day after drop off, they will sit overnight. With this in mind, please avoid anything that needs refrigerating.
- Once the baked goods are received, the customers will receive their gift from Summerill & Bishop - one of our signature linen Table for Two Heart Tablecloths in Pink.
- The tablecloth gift cannot be exchanged for other goods or credit.
- Summerill & Bishop reserve the right to reselect volunteers at their own discretion at any time, should this be necessary.

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