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S&B X Skye Gyngell

S&B X Skye Gyngell

A collection for every season: Summerill & Bishop is excited to announce our most flavour-inspired collaboration yet, S&B X Skye Gyngell.

This collaboration draws on S&B and Skye's love of eating with the changing seasons and bringing people together around the table. These four tablecloth designs, one to represent each season, are rooted (pun intended) in exploring one of the world's greatest architects, the natural world. We were captivated by the way lines, colours and textures ebb and flow in perfect harmony throughout even the smallest slice of fruit. The botanical cross sections of fresh vegetables and fruits themselves, are the true designers of these tablecloths.

We hope you enjoy these new flavourful additions to our collection...



For Spring:
['Asparagus' Hand Painted Linen Tablecloth]

Delicate and varied shades of green, reminiscent of those first precious buds after a long winter...


For Summer:
['Rhubarb' Hand Painted Linen Tablecloth]

A whimsically coloured tablecloth for bright, breezy days filled with laughter and adventure...

For Autumn:
['Radicchio' Hand Painted Linen Tablecloth]

Inspired by the intricate texture of radicchio leaves, both dramatic and gentle...

For Winter:
['Blood Orange' Hand Painted Linen Tablecloth]

The boldest of reds combine with an enticingly zesty shade of orange - the perfect addition to glowing hearths and gilded porcelain..


[At The Table With Skye Gyngell]

Skye has been a dear friend of Summerill & Bishop for many years. Working with her to create these tablecloths brought back many memories of earlier, deeply cherished days. It was a complete joy to shoot the collaboration at Spring and sit with Skye as she graciously answered a few questions for us.

What would you say has been one of the most rewarding aspects of being a chef?

Definitely working with so many wonderful, creative people - it's the team spirit that I love.

Could you give us a taste of what the creative process is like when you start to construct a new menu?

I write a menu around what produce is available in terms of the fruit and vegetables - when I get the weekly report from the farm (Fern Verrow, Herefordshire). I then begin to think about what I'd like to do. Sometimes it comes really quickly - sometimes it takes a few days. I also talk to the other cooks in the kitchen and run ideas past them.

Does being in the kitchen all the time at work affect your home cooking? If so how?
Yes - I do very little cooking at home.

What is the fondest memory you have from being in the kitchen at an early age?
Cooking fish with my mother - I loved the way the butter sizzled in the pan and the smell of it as it began to turn nutty brown.

What is the one recipe you could probably make or eat forever?

My fathers scrambled eggs with tomato and hot sauce - it has always been the dish most laden with memories for me. It's the ultimate comfort food.

What is your 'go-to' dish for entertaining friends and family at home?
I love one pot dishes, delicious bread, simple salad, the ripest fruit and a little cheese.

As a chef do you ever feel extra pressure when you entertain at home?
No, not really.

What's your view on phones at the table?
I think they are annoying - it isn't my business in the restaurant but I don't enjoy sitting at a table with people on their phones all the time.

We have a sneaking suspicion that Spring might be your favourite season? We'd love to hear why it might be.

I love all the seasons for different reasons - Spring is full of optimism and hope, which is why I named the restaurant after it.

These tablecloths are inspired by various fruits and vegetables. What is your favourite ingredient to incorporate into dishes at the moment?
Always salt, extra virgin olive oil and lemon -
all delicious dishes need the balance of salt, fat and acid to really sing.

Communal dining and finding ways to champion a sustainable food industry are both ideas we firmly believe in as well. Do you have any plans for Table this year?

Yes, this year in June we are going to celebrate urban growers.

If you could pick any 5-10 people to have over for dinner who would they be, and what would you serve?

I'd love to have dinner with all my family - we see each other so rarely (they live in Australia) and time spent with them is so precious. They love simple food - so probably fish and salad.

Where is a place you like to escape to for some quiet time?

For me, it's my bed.

If you could have a S&B wishlist, what items would you choose for your table (other than these amazing tablecloths!)

Almost everything - I have always loved S&B for years. I have visited when I'm feeling uninspired - it's a happy place for me. Everything is thoughtful, beautiful and uplifting. From the feather dusters, to the glassware, it's my favourite kitchen and tableware shop anywhere in the world.

[The Launch Party] 

Last night, on the warmest and brightest evening London has seen in some time, we had the pleasure of hosting our collaboration launch in the private dining room at Skye Gyngell's restaurant, Spring. Family and friends celebrated  the collection of tablecloths amongst divine canapés and perfectly complimented wines, and championed their favourite designs in delight.

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