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The Art of the Menu

The Art of the Menu

Menus are much more than mere lists.  If the meal is the show, the tablecloth its star performer and dinner guests an audience, then the written menu is its instant attraction and seduction. When curated well, a menu is made to entice, to pique one's interest - it elevates the event from the everyday to something special, an experience. 

Today, we launch our first ever menu card, adorned with our classic falling flower motif in a glistening gold foil, with plenty of space for you to handwrite your chosen menu. Equal parts pretty and practical. 

As it so happens, our co-founder  Bernadette's maiden name was Menu. We thought this was all rather fitting, so find our new menus below, captured on Bernadette's Hand Stamped Falling Flower Tablecloth.


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