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The Kids' Tablecloth Challenge

The Kids' Tablecloth Challenge

After the recent election in America, we're putting a positive spin back on exercising our democratic right to vote.  It happens to be election season at Summerill & Bishop, too, and we have some truly talented, admirable candidates whose work we're totally delighted by.
We've hosted our first ever Children's Tablecloth Challenge, inviting kids between the ages of 7 and 12 to design their dream tablecloth at our Tablecloth Shop.

Having had many wonderful participants, we've narrowed down our top picks to the six below, chosen because of their sheer beauty, clever concept, and suitability as hand painted tablecloths.  

Now it's up to you: Vote for your favourite and we will produce the tablecloth design with the most votes as a gift for the budding artist who created it.

And remember, this is a true democracy, so only one vote per person.
Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday 29th November, and we will announce the results via Instagram on Wednesday 30th November.



We admire the elegance and simplicity of Pia's design. As in the work of other great artists and graphic designers, using white—or negative space—lends an element of airiness and balance to the design. The detail in each flower is surprising: Pia used several shades of crayon to outline each and every flower. We think Georgia O'Keeffe would be impressed.


Katie has masterfully illustrated one of the things we love most, food!  And not just any food, but ice cream, chips and burgers.  The combination can't be beat: "Yum Yum!" indeed. We love the quirky subject matter and the quality of Katie's illustration. Get Quentin Blake on the phone, we've got his next protegé!


We think we have the next Richard Rogers/Tim Boyd/Thomas Heatherwick in our midst! Jack came armed with his own rulers for this project and chose to highlight some of the best examples of architecture around the world, from the Eiffel Tower, to the Pyramids, to the Gherkin. Jack tells us the inspiration behind his design is "uniting the world around the table."

[Amabel & Cassandra]

For one, pals Amabel and Cassandra came to the shop with a sketch of their idea.  For two, they specified blue faux fur trim! We're impressed by their professionalism, specificity and artistic talent.  Let's shatter that glass ceiling, girls!


A symbol for peace, unity, acceptance, happiness and #pride, Siera's design is significant especially in these tumultuous times. What we love most about this design is that, as in advertising and marketing, sometimes the purest statements are the most effective. Watch out, BBH, O&M, Publicis and Saatchi!


The same can be said for Max, who went with the classic hippie peace symbol. We need these signs of love and hope more than ever. Perhaps a career in the UN, Max? Also, nice work on the multicolour sign in the middle, making a memorable riff on the original.

* Terms & Conditions apply.  Please call us for more details if you have any questions. 
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