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The Power of Love

The Power of Love

Nothing says 'I love you' to us quite like a beautifully  set table; lots of thoughtfulness, care and attention layered atop of linen. And whilst the tablecloth is the star the show, nothing works harder than the humble napkin...
A graceful unfurling upon the lap signals the meal shall commence, a more zealous scrunching as the candles are about to burn out tells you the night is almost over. Whether neatly folded beneath your flatware, arranged origami style or embellished with a napkin ring, this little square of linen is a total show off. No perfect meal is quite the same without one.
We have many expressive napkins, some brightly coloured, some simple, some a little naughty in nature and some masterfully hand painted, all are ready to show your table some love. A necessity for the table and a beautiful gift idea for those close to your heart.


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