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The Vase Edit

The Vase Edit

At Home with S&B : The Vase Edit ]

The world is a topsy turvy place at the moment, but beautiful none the less. Time has almost stood still, the sun has been glowing down on us from clear skies, the birds are singing every morning, love and support has become our main priority & well who would have thought that we would become a nation of joggers.

In celebration of the beauty of nature we have created out very own 'Vase Edit' to bring the garden into your home, to brighten your day and splash colour into your life. Flowers are like people, they are all unique. Some are tall, others are short, thick set or thin, but each is undeniable beautiful in their own way and require a different vessel to make the most of their 'assets'.  So below we will share our favourite vases and our favourite flowers to display in each style.

At S&B we believe that flowers can brighten even the dullest of days. Our shops are not just known for our magical tablescapes, but also for our captivating flower arrangements as they also become a guest at our table. 

We hope that some of our favourite floral guests can become yours too. 



The statement vase speaks for itself.
Majestic, elegant, the vase of all vases. Place in the centre of the table, balanced on the mantel place or to greet guests on your hall table.
[L] Casper Large Vase with Gold Rim by Astier de Villatte :
Style with Peonies

[R] Dragon Vase by Astier de Villatte:
Style with Birds of Paradise & Iris 
 A conversation starter with the added dash of curiosity
[L] Handblown Glass Damascus Flower Vase :
Style with Red Roses & Wild Parsley.

[R] Handblown Double Stripe Glass Vase in Lemon Yellow, Red :
Style with Forsythias
The multi purpose star.
A jug or pitcher is not just perfect for your posy but also for a little summer tipple. 
[L] Louis XV Pitcher, Large by Astier de Villatte :
Style with Wild Flowers - Poppies & Campanulas.

[R] Adelaide Pitcher Large by Astier de Villatte :
Style with Sunflowers 
[L] Handblown Glass Clair Jug in Turquoise : 
Style with Fritillaria

[R] Handblown Glass Footed Carafe :
Style with Garden finds. Myosotis, Daffodils, Daisies
[L] Handblown Round Glass Jug with Handle:
Style with Lilac 

[R] Handblown Glass Water Carafe with Spout: 
Style with White Hellebores 
Do not underestimate the power of the bud vase.
It may be small as one, but scattered down the table they flourish. 
[L] Ceramic Vase in Yellow :
Style with Crocus

[R] Wire ZigZag Stem Vase :
Style with Scented Bouquet Lavender & Eucalyptus
[L] Tall Bud Vase in Yellow :
Style with Ranunculus & Wild Daisies

[R] Rectangular Bud Vase :
Style with Anemone
[R] HB Porcelaim Tall Flower Bud Vase :
Style with a White Rose

[L] Ceramic Vase in Green :
Style with Fox Gloves

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