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Winter Flowers

Winter Flowers

While in the Spring and Summer we're pretty adept at making our own arrangements—there are so many bright blooms to choose from— in the Winter we feel a little more intimidated by the prospect.  Stumped for wintertime arrangement ideas that go beyond the classic Poinsettia or Holly, we turned to our Holland Park neighbours Harper & Tom's for ideas.

Anyone who's been past their shop on Clarendon Road and their iconic kiosk on Elgin Crescent knows their totally wild, beautiful style. They've given us a few fantastic ideas for the kinds of arrangements that might look just right from now until the New Year.  As you can see below, we're spoilt for choice this holiday season.


Ps. We've given you all the names so you can show off your pro florist's vocab next time you buy flowers.

[Make it Beautiful]
A few ideas for winter arrangements in a variety of S&B vases, glasses, baskets and more.

Hydrangea, Mimosa, Ilex, Cupresus Kansas, Greenbell.

Astrantia, Ilex, Narcissus, Ivy, Blue Thistle, Crabapple, Waxflower, Grevillea.

Astrantia, Protea 'Safari Sunset,' Mimosa, Ivy, Cornus, gold & silver sprayed Grevillea.

Astier de Villatte Citrouille Vase - £525*
*available in store only

Seeded Eucalyptus, 'Orange Princess' Tulips, Hyacinth, Pittosporum.

Mimosa, Pussywillow, Ivy, Narcissus, Ornamental Kale, Mimosa.

Seeded Eucalyptus, Pine twigs.

Silver and copper sprayed Asparagus.

Blue thistle, Ivy, Cupresus 'Kansas'.
Amour Bonheur Etched Glass Tumbler - £12.50

Crabapple, Astrantia, Protea 'Safari Sunset', Pine twigs, gold sprayed Grevillea.
Large Glass Votive - £32.50

Seeded Eucalyptus, gold sprayed Grevillea, Cupresus Kansas, Ivy, Ilex Verticillata, Blue Thistle, Pussywillow, Pine twigs.

And Finally..
[How to Make it Last]
A few top florist's tips on how to make your cut flower arrangement last. 
1. Cut a slit in the bottom of each stem before it goes in the container.
2. Remove any leaves from the lower section of the stems so they don't absorb the water in the vase.
3. Fill the container with plenty of water - not just the bottom.
4. Change the water frequently, at least every other day. 
5. Pick out any dead flowers or foliage each day.
6. Particularly for arrangements that include Hydrangeas, Gelder roses and Violets, dilute a "plant food" sachet in hot water and then pour it into the vase.

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