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'Le Marché Aux Fleurs' Tablescape in Purple, Pink and Green

Le Marché Aux Fleurs

‘Le Marché aux Fleurs’ - a floral symphony for the table. Discover an immersive display of pansies, buttercups, hollyhocks, cosmos, pink daisies and forget-me-nots, arranged in delightful maximalism. For when you want to dine on a bed of flowers...

Le Marché aux Fleurs Linen Tablecloth in Purple, Pink and Green


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Le Marché aux Fleurs Linen Napkin in Purple, Pink and Green, 50x50cm


Daisy Dinner Plate by Astier de Villatte, 31cm


3 available

Handblown Clair Glass in Grape Purple, 20cl


Let's Set The Table

These are our favourite pieces to pair with this look. The essentials that are going to elevate your table from everyday to extraordinary. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to… from glassware to cutlery, dinnerware and the finishing touches, it’s all here.

Summerill & Bishop Classic Red Wine Glass, 24cl


Summerill & Bishop Classic White Wine Glass, 19cl


S&B 7 Piece Cutlery Set in Stainless Steel


Large Ceramic Bowl in Silver, 30cm


1 available

Serena Pink Flower Ring Mug by Astier de Villatte, 10.5cm


Handblown Glass Clair Jug in Grape Purple, 23cm


3 available

Fleurs Du Mal Notebook, 15cm x 21cm


3 available

Pair of Coloured Church Candles in Olive Green


Summerill & Bishop Classic Champagne Flute, 17cl


Olive Branch Tapered Candle Holder


Peggy Incense Burner on Saucer by Astier de Villatte, 6cm


4 available