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Issue #09
At Summerill & Bishop we pride ourselves on sourcing beautiful products with a strong sense of provenance.
We have scoured the planet to find fascinating characters who create unique, beautifully functional, hand crafted products for the home. 
To mark our 17th anniversary of working with a very special glassblower, we visited his workshop in a small & wonderfully romantic town on the outskirts of Montpellier to capture the passion and care he pours into every single piece.  
Please meet our dear friend,
'Eric the Viking' 
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Food for Thought

[Food for Thought]

Issue #08

21 years ago when the founders of Summerill and Bishop opened their shop, they sent out their first press release. In the interviews they gave, they talked about why they were opening a kitchen shop; how they felt the kitchen was the true heart of the home and the importance of regularly getting the family around the table for a meal.

The ritual of preparing a meal and the actual sitting down for it is something that is at the core of what Summerill and Bishop's founders stood for all those years ago.

Today, it is still a belief we stand behind.

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Issue #06

Creating the right atmosphere at meal time matters. When you meet someone for the first time you rarely remember what they said, but you do remember how they made you feel. 
So for all of you that have asked us over the years what song we’re playing and for those who want to create the right atmosphere with a great playlist, this is for you. 

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Sunday Morning Breakfast

[Sunday Morning Breakfast]

Issue #05
We all know that breakfast is the 'most important meal of the day' - but with busy work schedules and the rush of Monday to Friday life, the majority of us don't eat anything for breakfast or certainly don't take the time to enjoy it.
Here is a leisurely Sunday morning breakfast, Summerill & Bishop style. 

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Pancake Day

[Pancake Day]

Issue #04

At Summerill & Bishop, we pride ourselves in sourcing beautiful and individual objects from all around the world.

To celebrate Shrove Tuesday, we have scoured the web for our favourite pancake recipes and here are our tried and tested top five. 

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Chocolate Valentine

[Chocolate Valentine]

Issue #02

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, here's our guide on how to impress your loved ones with a romantic table setting and Bernadette's recipe for the ultimate 'mousse au chocolate'. 

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