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The Perfect Summer Table: A How to Guide

The Perfect Summer Table: A How to Guide

At Summerill and Bishop, we treasure our summer memories gathered around the table. Whether it's family meals in the South of France or al fresco dining in our local Notting Hill, sharing meals with loved ones during the summer holidays is one of our most cherished moments.
To provide some table setting inspiration for this season, we have created a step-by-step guide on how to set the perfect summer table using our unique table linens and tableware. Be it for an informal late-afternoon gathering with friends, or family dinner at your summer home, here you will find the best tips to bring the bliss of the season to your table.  

[ The Tablecloth ]

 A beautiful tablecloth is a must-have and always where we start first. As these are the longest days of the year, we advise you to choose something that will make you and your guests want to sit at the table and talk together for hours. At Summerill & Bishop, each of our tablecloths are designed to be their own work of art. We always say that if we wouldn’t hang the design up as a piece of art on the wall, we wouldn’t use it to set the table with. Our stunning range of linens is varied enough to make sure that you can pick and choose your very own capsule table collection to match your style - ranging from Riviera Chic and Mediterranean Escape, to Vintage Summer and Farmhouse Fresh. 

Tips for Selecting the Tablecloth: 

For a Warm Coastal Look: Start with a table linen that has masses of white about its design with a touch of yellow or green for a nod to the bright sun and lush landscapes that come with the summer months. Our 'Stripe', ‘Passiflora’, 'L’Olivier', and 'Gingham' collections are excellent options to achieve this style. Because we know it's difficult to choose amongst so many beautiful options, you can also consider mixing and matching different table linens and napkins by layering them together to create a unique look. 
For a Fresh Ocean Breeze Look: Opt for unique tablecloths in cool hues and prints – think our 'La Piscine', 'Azulejos', or 'Waterlily' collections. Our bright linens inspired by different shades of blue and Mediterranean design features, will help you combat the peak sun hours during lunch time by adding a sense of freshness through your tablecloth choice. 
 For a Farmhouse Getaway Look: Incorporate patterns that feature summer foliage, berries, or vintage lace. Choose delicate prints that evoke memories of warm summer evenings spent outdoors. Our collections—‘Fraises des Bois’, inspired by the strawberry blooms of June and July, ‘Herb Garden’, ‘Lyon Lace’, and ‘Simply June’—feature a soft palette of blush pink, green, and creamy colors. These designs create a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere, perfect for making summer memories around the table.

[ The Napkins ] 

Napkins offer a wonderful chance to add an extra layer of creativity to your table setting. As one of the elements your guests will interact with the most, be sure to choose a style that reflects your thoughtfulness for the occasion.

Tips for Selecting the Napkins:

Mix and Match: Experiment with combining different tablecloth and napkin collections to create a look that is uniquely yours.
Complete the Look: If you prefer a cohesive style, all of S&B’s tablecloths come with matching napkins that perfectly complement each other.
Add Napkin Rings: Enhance your table with beautiful napkin rings. Whether you choose woven, ceramic, glass napkin rings, or even a mix of all, they’ll tie your look together beautifully.

[ The Glassware ] 

Glassware plays an important part in cooling off after spending time in the sun. Whether you are serving a delicious spritz, or a fresh lemonade, be sure to consider all the glassware pieces that are needed for your table setting. Don't forget to include several jugs, pitchers, or carafes to keep your guests refreshed. 
[ S&B Fun Glassware styled with the 'Stripe' Collection

Tips for Selecting the Glassware:

Add Fun Glassware:  Summer is synonymous with fun, and at S&B, we offer an extensive collection of playful glassware featuring marine creatures found along the Mediterranean coast. Each of your handmade pieces are uniquely crafted to add a touch of whimsy and delight to your table.
Consider Your Drink Selection: Match your glassware to your chosen beverages. Whether you're serving champagne, red wine, white wine, or all, ensure you have the appropriate glasses for each.
Functional and Stylish: Choose glasses that are not only beautiful but also practical for your planned drinks menu. If you’re eating al fresco, you may want to opt for a heavier option like our faceted glassware, to ensure it doesn’t get blown off your table.

[ The Dinnerware ] 

Another one of our favorite parts of table setting is selecting the dinnerware. Dinnerware provides the versatility of mixing and matching different styles and patterns, as well as playing with heights and layers.

Tips for selecting the Dinnerware:

Mix and Match: The most difficult part of setting a table with S&B pieces, is the difficulty that comes with choosing amongst so many beautiful options. The good thing is that you don’t have to choose. Try mixing and matching different dinnerware styles and create a look that is unique to you.
Consider the Occasion: If you are hosting a formal dinner, choose collections such as ‘Cambridge’ or ‘S&B Classic in White’. In contrast, if you are having a more relaxed evening, choose styles like ‘Gingham’ or our decorated plates. Consider hand-painted sets if you wish to add a touch of craftsmanship to your table. 

[The Serveware]

Selecting the perfect serveware can transform your table setting. Opt for standout pieces that blend functionality with elegance to elevate your dining experience. Our collection provides a range of choices to meet all your serving needs.

Tips for Selecting the Serveware:

Layer the Heights: Use platters and stands with different heights to add different dimensions to your tablescape. This will keep your arrangement from looking ‘flat’.
Mix and Match: There are no rules for choosing your serveware. Get creative, mix and match, and allow yourself to explore different combinations of styles. 

[The Cutlery] 

Your personality can also shine through your cutlery selection. Whether you prefer a classic look with a silver plated set, or want to add a rustic vibe with a silver and boxwood set, Summerill & Bishop has a variety of cutlery designs to help you find the perfect one for your table. 
Julia Faux Rose Quartz & Stainless Steel 7 Piece Cutlery Set

Tips for Selecting the Cutlery:

Try Unique Styles and Materials: While you may opt for traditional silverware, you can also consider fun styles like our Green Resin and Stainless Steel Set, or our Rose Quartz and Stainless Steel Set. These additional touches will add more personality to your summer reunions. 
Planning Ahead: Set aside some time to polish your silver before the party. You'll thank yourself later - no last-minute scrambling to shine dozens of cutlery sets! 

[ Personal Touches ]

Adding personal touches to your table setting can make your guests feel extra special. Consider using alphabet napkins, handwritten place cards, or custom menu cards. These small details can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, making each guest feel uniquely welcomed. 

Tips for Personal Touches: 

Handwritten Place Cards: Help your guests identify their seats through beautifully written place cards, you could consider writing them on seashells or oyster shells. 
Alphabet Napkins: Personalise each place setting with napkins featuring your guests’ initials. 
Custom Menu Cards: Handwrite your menu to add another touch of homemade charm. Your guests will appreciate the effort! 

[ Souviens-toi de Vivre ] 

As we come to the closing remarks of this piece, above all, what we want you to take from this article is that the table is the heart of the home. So cherish these long warm days sitting together around the table, and celebrate the art of living in the moment surrounded by loved ones, delicious food, and the beauty of summer. Let us inspire your gatherings with our timeless collections and expert tips, ensuring that every meal becomes a cherished occasion filled with laughter, conversation, and unforgettable memories.
Happy Summer!

[ S&B Summer Shopping Guide ] 

Tablecloths and Napkins

[ Stripe Linen Tablecloth in White & Pink ]

[ Stripe Linen Napkin in Pink & White ]


[ L'Olivier Linen Tablecloth in Green ]

[ L'Olivier Linen Napkin in Green ]

 [ 'Gingham' Linen Tablecloth in Mustard Yellow with Avocado Green Trim ]

[ Gingham Linen Napkin in Mustard Yellow ]

[ Passiflora Linen Tablecloth ]

[ Passiflora Linen Napkin ]

[ 'La Piscine' Linen Tablecloth ] 

[ 'La Piscine' Linen Napkin ]

[ 'Azulejos' Tile Linen Tablecloth in Blue ]

[ 'Azulejos' Tile Linen Napkin in Blue ]

[ Waterlily Linen Tablecloth ]

[ Waterlily Linen Napkin ]

[ 'Fraises des Bois' Linen Tablecloth ]

[ 'Fraises des Bois' Linen Napkin ]


[ Herb Garden Linen Tablecloth ]

[ Set of Six 'Gastronomic' Herb Linen Napkins ]

[ Lyon Lace Tablecloth in Ivory ]

[ Plain Italian Linen Napkin in White ]

[ 'Simply June' Fade Linen Tablecloth in Pink ] 

[ 'Barely Pink' Linen Napkin in Pink ]

[ 'Gingham' Linen Tablecloth in Mustard Yellow with Avocado Green Trim ]

[ Gingham Linen Napkin in Mustard Yellow ]


Napkin Rings


[ S&B Exclusive Handblown Glass Dragonfly Napkin Ring in Pink ]

[ Olive Branch Napkin Ring ]

[ Handwoven Orchid Napkin Ring in Natural ]

[ Porcelain Napkin Ring in Gold Glaze ]




 [ Handblown Glass Starfish Decanter ]

[ Handblown Glass Blue Jellyfish Carafe ]

[ Handblown Glass Octopus Fruit Stand ]

[ Handblown Murano Flamingo Glass ]




[ Olive Branch Scalloped Dinner Plate With Small Insect ]

[ Cambridge Dinner Plate by Astier de Villatte ]

[ S&B Classic Stripe Side Plate in Blue and White ]

[ S&B Gingham Dinner Plate in Yellow, White & Green ]




[ Large Ceramic Shell Bowl in Matte Silver ]

[ Pair of Resin Salad Servers in Ice Blue ]

[ Small Dauphins Dish on Stand by Astier de Villatte ]

[ Régence Fish Platter by Astier de Villatte ]

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