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Yellow 'Stripe' Tablescape

Yellow Stripes

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Stripe Linen Tablecloth in White & Yellow


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Stripe Linen Napkin in Yellow & White, 50x50cm


Summerill & Bishop Handmade 31cm Porcelain Dinner Plate with Plain Rim


Handblown Clear Bumba Glass with Lemon Yellow Rim, 30cl


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Summerill & Bishop Classic White Wine Glass, 19cl


Summerill & Bishop Classic Red Wine Glass, 24cl


S&B 7 Piece Cutlery Set in Stainless Steel


Summerill & Bishop Handmade 23cm Porcelain Soup Bowl with Plain Rim


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Pair of Peggy Candlestick By Astier de Villatte, Small, 15.5cm


1 available

Peugeot Mignonette Silver Plated Salt & Pepper Mill Set, 10cm


2 available

Summerill & Bishop Handmade 30cm Porcelain Medium Salad Bowl with Plain Rim


Small Yellow Porcelain Bowl with White Edge, 8cm


1 available

Simple Small Soup Bowl by Astier de Villatte, 14cm


Handblown 'Spotted' Glass Vase in Rose Pink & White, 18cm x 13cm


Ceramic Crackled Vase in Yellow