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  • Passiflora Tablescape

    Passiflora Tablescape

Passiflora Tablescape

Blossoming amidst trailing leaves and stems that grow along the centre of the tablecloth, each exuberant Passiflora is like peering into a kaleidoscope; petals, anthers and stigmas permeated with mesmerising bands of colour immediately capture your gaze. Enticing you to take your seat at the table, like a hummingbird to Passiflora. This 100% pure French linen tablecloth is perfect for elevating your table setting and is effortless and elegant with aplomb. Perfect for those who prefer subtle botanical accents and slight colour.

Let's Set The Table

These are our favourite pieces to pair with this look. The essentials that are going to elevate your table from everyday to extraordinary. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to… from glassware to cutlery, dinnerware and the finishing touches, it’s all here.