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Red Stripe Tablescape

Red 'Stripe' Tablescape

'Stripe’ - our colourful rendition of happy moments made on Mediterranean escapes in bygone days. These striking stripes in dual tones and printed on 100% linen will transport you and your guests back to those hazy days at the height of Summer.

Stripe Linen Tablecloth in White & Red


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Stripe Linen Napkin in Red & White, 50x50cm


S&B 'Brushed' Ceramic Dinner Plate in Pastel Pink, 30cm


2 available

Handblown Bumba Glass in Rose Pink, 30cl


Let's Set The Table

These are our favourite pieces to pair with this look. The essentials that are going to elevate your table from everyday to extraordinary. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to… from glassware to cutlery, dinnerware and the finishing touches, it’s all here.

Summerill & Bishop Classic Red Wine Glass, 24cl


Summerill & Bishop Classic White Wine Glass, 19cl


Julia Boxwood & Stainless Steel 7 Piece Cutlery Set


Handwoven Orchid Napkin Ring in Natural


Build The Table

Stripe Linen Napkin in Pink & White, 50x50cm


S&B 'Brushed' Ceramic Pasta Bowl in Pastel Pink, 22cm


S&B 'Brushed' Ceramic Soup Bowl in Pastel Pink, 16cm


2 available

Glass Heart Vase in Red, 15cm


Handblown Glass Bumba Candlestick in Rose Pink, 35cm


2 available

Pair of Coloured Church Candles in Rose Quartz


Handblown Glass Red Fish Tail Jug


1 available

Handblown Glass Bumba Jug in Rose Pink, 3lt


1 available