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'London Plane' Tablescape in Gold, Silver & White

S&B Couture: London Plane

Introducing ‘London Plane’, the first design from our new ‘Couture Collection’. Discover a triptych of limited edition ‘Table Gowns’ embroidered entirely with sequins. The collection celebrates artistry and innovation in textile development – a true work of art for the table. The Table Gowns’ design derives its inspiration from the procession of London Plane Trees that line the streets surrounding our shop in Notting Hill. Their leafy, graceful branches cover the streets protectively year-round, quiet giants, beautiful and plentiful... the lungs of London. Their distinctive mottled and multi-coloured bark, that creates an almost camouflage-esque pattern, forms the basis of the design.

S&B Couture: 'London Plane' Sequin Table Gown in Gold, Silver and White


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1 available

Cornice Linen Napkin in Gold, 50x50cm


Joséphine Dinner Plate with Gold Rim by Astier de Villatte, 26.5cm


Handblown Clair Glass in Moss Green, 20cl


Let's Set The Table

These are our favourite pieces to pair with this look. The essentials that are going to elevate your table from everyday to extraordinary. We’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to… from glassware to cutlery, dinnerware and the finishing touches, it’s all here.

Summerill & Bishop Classic Red Wine Glass With Gold Rim, 24cl


Summerill & Bishop Classic White Wine Glass With Gold Rim, 19cl


Baguette Silver Plated 7 Piece Cutlery Set


Peugeot Mignonette Silver Plated Salt & Pepper Mill Set, 10cm


Joséphine Bowl on Stand With Hands by Astier de Villatte, 43cm


1 available

Joséphine Dessert Plate with Gold Rim by Astier de Villatte, 20cm


Joséphine Soup Plate with Gold Rim by Astier de Villatte, 14.5cm


Serena Bird Box by Astier de Villatte, 12.5cm


1 available

Handblown Glass Clair Jug in Moss Green, 23cm


2 available

Marguerite Dish, Small by Astier de Villatte, 10.5cm


Small Dauphins Dish on Stand by Astier de Villatte, 11cm


2 available

Handblown Glass Bumba Candlestick in Moss Green, 35cm


3 available