Handblown Glass Souviens Toi De Vivre Carafe

Handblown Glass Souviens Toi De Vivre Carafe


If we learnt anything in 2020, it's that you cannot linger on living, on being happy, on seeking out those instants with the people that make your heart soar. You have to live now, in the moment, to the absolute fullest. Happenstance lead us to the phrase, "souviens toi de vivre", meaning "remember to live" and for us, this couldn't resonate any truer. 

The perfect conversation piece for the table (and a good family motto), this exquisite carafe is designed to inspire you and your family to live in the moment and to enjoy time spent together, wholeheartedly. 

This carafe is handblown in Italy by master artisans.

Please note: The letters on this carafe will be in multicolour and the colours chosen at random by our genius glassblower - we apologise but we cannot agree specific colours.   

Due to its exquisite, delicate nature, we recommend hand wash only for this product.

Approx H: 27.5cm
Approx Dia: 15cm

The Story

These carafes are artfully handblown in Italy. With such playful glassware it only made sense to pair them with our fun handblown glassware to create something truly special.
This sparkling range of glassware is expertly crafted with passion and patience.