Handblown Murano Swan Glass

Handblown Murano Swan Glass


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A delicate handblown glass with a colourful sculptural swan inside, adding an animated dash of grandeur to a modern dining table.

Two artisans thoughtfully create each design, one to blow the transparent glass and one to create the swan within. 

Handcrafted in Venice, Italy by Casarialto.

Please note: Due to the handblown nature of this product, each glass may vary slightly in appearance.

Due to the exquisite nature of this product, we recommend to hand wash only. If you wish to add ice cubes to your drink, please ensure you fill the glass with liquid first, in order to avoid any damage.

Approx H: 10cm Approx Dia: 8cm

The Story

Utopia realised for the table - discover frolicking flamingos, majestic swans, beautiful birds of paradise, ornate flowers, fantastical fish, and more, all handblown by master artisans in Venice. Create your own Eden inspired tabletop and take cues from the beauty of the natural world.