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John Derian 'Mother' Mini Tray, 16.5cm

John Derian 'Mother' Mini Tray, 16.5cm


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Discover John Derian’s inimitable decoupage with this 'Mother' Mini Tray - the perfect gift for Mother's day!

Delight at this reproduced print from John Derian’s vast collection of antique and vintage archive imagery.  

Collaged paper is delicately placed under handblown glass.  

Handmade in their New York City studio.  

Do not immerse in water, wipe clean.

Approx. L: 16.5cm / 6in
Approx. W: 11.5cm/ 4in

The Story

John Derian founded his namesake brand in New York in 1989. Ever since, he has amassed an international following for his unique collections of decoupage and objects d’art. Today, John Derian Company Inc has secured cult status – each of his designs is collectable, highly covetable and made to treasure. Discover glass platters, plates and paperweights that perfectly capture his thoughtful, evocative style.