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'Napoleon' Imperial Cameo Pillar Candle in Black, 25cm by Trudon

'Napoleon' Imperial Cameo Pillar Candle in Black, 25cm by Trudon


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Cire Trudon pays homage to Napoleon through this beautiful, bold black coloured pillar candle.

When his son Aiglon was born, Napoléon gave him a Trudon candle adorned with three pieces of gold featuring his father, the Emperor: the Imperial Pillar Candle.

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At no time should any burning candle be left unattended.
Keep lit candles out of reach of children, pets and curtains.
Extinguish any candle that smokes excessively.
Do not burn a candle on a flammable or fragile surface, and never burn a candle all the way through to the bottom.
Let the candle fully cool before safely discarding it.

H: 25cm
Dia: 10cm

The Story

Cire Trudon is the oldest candlemaker in the world. Founded by the Trudon family, it has provided candles to France’s cathedrals and nobility since 1643. Most famously, the Trudons supplied all the candles of Versailles on a daily basis, serving the Sun King, Louis XIV, during his reign. Lighting up the hallways and boudoirs of the monarchy, Cire Trudon’s flames flickered in both Versailles and the Imperial Court during Napoleon’s reign. Thanks to the Sun King, this candle company managed to survive not only the French Revolution, but also the miracle of electricity and is still around today. The Paris-based brand maintains a serious cult following of A-listers and designers and is the epitome of luxury when it comes to candles, fragrance and giftware.