A Lunch With The Gods

[A Lunch With The Gods]

Issue #12
Last week we set off on an inspirational buying trip to Morocco and the magnificent snowcapped Atlas Mountains, where we were treated to an incredible lunch in the hidden village of Mazik in Imlil and were amazed by the beautifully primitive architecture, doorways and ornate mosaic tiles that adorned the walls in the Marrakech Medina.


Medina Mosaics

Rooftop Boucharouit

[A Lunch With The Gods]

Barbe a Papa?

[L] Apple Crates
[R] The Apple Orchard at 1800ft

Don't Look Down

[L] Height Restrictions
[R] Mazik

Room with a View

[L] Rustic Dining
[R] Hand Woven Fabric Stool

The Oven

[L] Berber Cookies
[R] Freshly Baked Berber Bread

The Meal

[L] Glazed Clay Tagine
[R] Fresh Salsa

Delicious Traditional Moroccan Mint Tea

[L] Sugar
[R] Hammam

[Doors of The Medina]
p.s. Don't judge a house by its door


Hand Crafted Moroccan Tea & Sugar Canisters

[Just Arrived]

Handblown Glassware from Istanbul

Thank You

Thank you to our fantastic guide, Achraf Kassami (Ash).
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