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Mood-Boosting Mimosa

Mood-Boosting Mimosa

Grey  skies may loom overhead but we're not worried... it's Mimosa season after all. For just a few short weeks into the start of each year, we enjoy citrine soaked Mimosa clouds that bask dreamily in the champagne light of late winter. The sight of bright, blazing yellow amidst the grey tells us that spring soon calls. Its powdery, warm and honeyed scent awakens your senses as you walk by. You feel uplifted. 
Mimosa is a happy, transient phenomenon whose beauty, is just as striking on the table as it is dancing on that brisk February breeze. 
Discover the Mimosa Collection, now back in stock, after a lengthy hiatus. 

[ The Table Linens ]
165 x 250cm, 165 x 300cm & 165 x 380cm

50 x 50cm

[ Other Ways With Mimosa ] 
Le Cirque Linen Tablecloth in Blue
165 x 250cm, 165 x 300cm & 165 x 380cm
Image courtesy of @alicewilkes_design 
165 x 250cm, 165 x 300cm & 165 x 380cm

[ Styling Sunshine ]

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