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A Note From June

A Note From June

Happy Easter to all our Friends & Family.

We are taking a break today from our usual Meanderings and handing over the reins to our beloved co-founder June, who has gone on her own 'meander', to pen a beautiful letter for us about what Easter means to her personally and how she will be spending this one, under such unusual circumstances.

So, over to you June...


Team S&B


[A Note From June Summerill]

Jon and I bought this painting many years ago.
Its title is 'Easter Sunday' - the artist is Mary Newcombe. It reminds me of the Easters'
of my childhood, in the Lancashire countryside, and the village church filled with flowers.
For me, Easter means, gardens and birdsong.
The start of growth.

This year is different. We are in London and not in France, as in years past.
Our garden here is small and intimate, I can see everything changing day by day.

Tulips are planted in dollie tubs and foxgloves and cow parsley have reseeded everywhere ( my father used to call reseeded plants "volunteers").

This Easter its just the two of us, plus Evie, our energetic little dog.
We will walk on Wormwood Scrubs, keeping to ourselves. Then, back home to listen to a recording of "Bach's Matthew Passion" - essential Easter music.

Lunch will be confit of duck, with roasties...Jon's favourite. No pudding... because tea time will be toasted hot cross buns.

Time is rather sill at the moment, and of course, (apart from the very sad reasons why) I must admit I enjoy the quiet and calm the lack of rushing and the solitude.

Time to reflect and gather ones thoughts.

This evening there is a treat on YouTube ( see the concert here)
 At 6pm, Andrea Bocelli will give a concert in the empty Duomo in Milan. Its title is 'Music for Hope' (an Easter Sunday performance).
We will definitely be listening to that.

So...reading, quite a bit of poetry...might torture the piano a little later on, and then have a glass of rosé in the garden.

Two lovely quotes I would like to pass on:
" A flower blossoms for its own joy" --- Oscar Wilde.
 "To plant a garden is to believe in the future" --- Autdrey Hepburm.

Happy safe easter everyone... I hope you find your Easter Egg.

June X

[ The Easter Table ]
How June will be setting up her Easter table for Sunday

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