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Issue #120
For many of us, interiors are as much a part of our personal style signature as our wardrobe. So it follows that for S&B's collaboration with MatchesFashion, we chose a print that is just as at home on a runway, as a dining table.

The most refined of all the jungle graphics, the humble zebra is a classic - there are just some things that never go out of style. We're drawn to the soft-jagged lines streaking across a table overflowing with good times. And since our dedication to creating pieces you'll love forever continues, we've chosen colours that will always work: petrol blue and tangerine orange.

As for working zebra into your existing line-up, just bring all your favourite graphic elements together. There really is no wrong way to do it.

Excuse the pun... but why not indulge your wild side with a zebra print tablecloth? Chances are, your table feels like a zoo at dinnertime anyway - consider this your own private wink to the dynamics at play.

You have permission to go a little wild.

The S&B for MatchesFashion 'Zebra' Collection will launch online at www.summerillandbishop.com and www.matchesfashion.com at 10am on Wednesday 11th September.

The countdown has already started...so if you want to make sure you are one of the first to know it is live, click on any of the links below, and register for the 'Zebra' launch notifications.




Special thanks to Bursting Buds florists for their beautiful flower arrangements + Michanicou Bros greengrocers for the delicious fruit & veg used to style our tabletops.

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