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Back in the Hood

Back in the Hood

Over the last few years, if we had a pound for every time someone walked into our Portland Road shop and asked "Do you know when Julie's will re open...?"

So you can imagine our excitement when, a few weeks ago, we were told that our dear friends across the way
 were finally re-opening.

So, in true S&B style, we couldn't resist the 
opportunity of shooting some of our tablecloths in their beautiful new surroundings and get to know their new award winning Chef Patron, Shay Cooper a little better.

Welcome back to the 'hood'
Julie's - you've been missed.

[Q&A with Chef Patron Shay Cooper]

In your opinion, what makes for a great dinner party?
A healthy relaxed atmosphere, not too much pressure, just a good time with nice food and nice people.

Q: With all this talk around Brexit, do you envisage having to change any of your dishes due to difficulties in sourcing produce? A: Not so much worried about the sourcing of ingredients, however the sourcing of staff post Brexit has me scared stiff...
What is your proudest moment so far in your culinary career?
Winning my first Michelin Star at the Bingham in Richmond gave me the most incredible natural high -  it really felt like many years of very hard work was being recognised.

Q: Does being in the kitchen all the time at work affect your home cooking? If so, how? A: As a professional chef, I'm used to having space to work in and a set place for all my equipment - cooking in my small home kitchen is pretty frustrating!
What three ingredients could you not live without?
Maldon salt, apple vinegar, extra virgin olive oil.

Q: If you could invite anyone, who would be on your all time list of people to invite to dinner and why? A: Steve Coogan, Charles Bukowski, David Attenborough, Kanye West. Interesting people who have had interesting lives.
What is your 'go to' dish for entertaining friends and family at home?
Beef Wellington - it's always a crowd pleaser and all the 
work is in the preparation.

Q: As a chef, do you ever feel extra pressure when you entertain at home? A: Always! Someone will always make jokes or comment along the lines of "we're in for a real treat, having our dinner cooked by a top chef"...
We've noticed you've introduced a new, more simple set lunch menu. Can you let us into any secret new dishes you might be adding in the future?
The new set menu is priced at only £28 for 3 courses, so its going to feature some pretty thrifty cooking but still given all the same love and attention. There will be things like warm salad of poached trout, winter brassicas, herb vinaigrette or winter vegetable broth with cave aged cheddar muffins.

Q: What are you favourite table accessories? A: Plates. Like most chefs, I believe a decent plate can dramatically change a dish.
One of our favourite dishes from the new menu is the charred kale + Dorset Crab risotto, what's your favourite dish on the menu?
Probably the dessert of lemon curd, lemon sorbet, fennel and coconut crumble. Its a simple assembly of 3 flavours but very well balanced.

Q: If you were going out for a special meal and weren't allowed to eat at Julie's, where would you go? A: The Clove Club, The Ledbury or The River Cafe.
If you could have an S&B wish list, what items would you choose for your table?
I have a thing for tablecloths - I collect them as my dining room feels stark without one.

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Peggy Candlestick by Astier de Villatte, £235 each
S&B Classic Red + White Wine Glasses with Gold Rim, £13.50 each
Les Palmiers Linen Tablecloth in Green, from £250
S&B 7 Piece Cutlery Set in Stainless Steel, £114
Handblown Bumba Glass in Apple Green, £48
Daisy Dinner Plate by Astier de Villatte, £105
Full Painted Green Ceramic Bowl with Gold Glaze, 6cm, £48.50
Falling Stars Linen Tablecloth in White with Gold Stars, from £495
S&B Handmade 31cm Porcelain Dinner Plate with Gold Rim, £114
S&B Handmade 23cm Porcelain Soup Bowl with Gold Rim, £105
Small Porcelain Shell bowl in Gold, 13cm £115
Peugeot Mignonette Silver Plated Salt & Pepper Mill Set, 10cm £395

Julie's Restaurant & Champagne Bar
135 Portland Road, Holland Park, London, W11 4LW

For reservations please call +44(0)207 229 8331 or email

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