Exploring Artisans: Inside the Astier de Villatte Atelier

[Exploring Artisans: Inside the Astier de Villatte Atelier]

Unassumingly nestled along the teaming street of rue Saint Honoré in the premier arrondissement of Paris sits a darkly painted shop with a sometimes chic-ly minimal, sometimes elaborate, window display. Upon encountering it, there is always a feeling of having discovered something beautiful and surreal.

[The Shop]

This place is the home of Astier de Villatte - the source of the eclectic and stunning ceramics we have carried at Summerill & Bishop for many, many years.

 With our shops just this week filled to the brim with new stock, we thought there would be no better way to celebrate then to peer a little closer into where the magic happens -
The Astier de Villatte Atelier.

S&B recently had the pleasure of spending the day with designers Benoît Astier de Villatte, Ivan Percoli and the elegant artist Madame Setsuko Klossowska de Rola exploring this remarkable place first hand.

We've created a scrapbook of sorts (for all you budding ceramicists) with some of our favourite photos of the day ...



[Our Visit To The Astier de Villatte Atelier]

Towering shelves storing works of classic designs make for an enchanting sight...

Each piece is formed from sculpting the signature black terracotta with molds,
as well as free hand modelling by skilled artisans...

After a piece has been transformed (by the work of exceptional craftsmanship) it is placed in the kiln for firing, to later return hardened, yet more softly coloured, and ready to be glazed...

Slightly quirky, undeniably charming, every object carries the stamp of an individual artisan's initials at its base...

Many thanks to the wonderful Benoît and Ivan for being so open and welcoming.

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