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Getting ready for Spring

Getting ready for Spring

If you know us, you know how we love to be around the table together - give us one beautifully laid table and we'll give you hours of our undivided attention, our anecdotes, our bad jokes, our laughter and our stories, maybe we'll offer up a side dish of wisdom too. The point is, we've all missed out on these moments this year. 

It goes without saying how hard it's been. But finally, light beckons through. Finally, we can envisage being together, back at the table again. No distance and nothing but love.

With love,

Ps. The sight of sun has felt like a rare and wondrous relief recently. We had to treat you to some new images, taken just this week on the streets of Notting Hill, not too far from our shop. Which, we must add, has missed you all greatly. Now how many days until April 12th?

[ S&Bee ]

[ Marble

[ Zebra

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