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It's time for Tulips again!

It's time for Tulips again!

On the third Saturday of January, the Dutch welcome a new tulip cutting season by creating a beautiful picking garden, in the centre of Amsterdam that is open to all. Visitors can walk away with a bountiful bunch of tulips, in every shade and form. This year's theme, 'Let's Dance', celebrates the flower's unique propensity for movement, as it twists and turns towards the light. Growing, blooming, dancing before your eyes. With tulips, it's a party in the house every day. 
If you can't get your hands on a bunch just yet, you can still bring this beauty to the table, with our Tulip linens. With rich, complex colours and elaborately curved and crimped petals that give each flower a distinctive character, the collection explores the intriguing nature of the Tulip, a flower that has continued to beguile with its beauty, throughout the centuries...

[ The Table Linens ]

[ The Table Linens ] 
Available in 165 x 250cm, 165 x 300cm, 165 x 380cm

50 x 50cm

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