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Love to Hate

Love to Hate

As Valentine's Day fast approaches we thought we'd be different and tackle hate head on.

After all, love and hate are two faces of the same coin.
If you can feel one deeply, chances are you can feel the other just as much.  

We decided to list everything that irritates us—really get it all out—in order to spend Valentine's day deeply in love.

Try it.  It might make you feel good.

All our love, 


[We Hate...]

Round tablecloths.

Motorbikes driving on Clarendon Cross.

Plastic cutlery.

Tube strikes.

Our website ( we know...we're working on it—stay tuned). 

A broken entertainment system on a long haul flight.

Loud chewers.

Online purchases being delivered when your husband's home. 


Long wifi codes.

Skin coloured tights with open toe shoes. 

Being stuck behind a self-service supermarket checkout novice.

Boiler breakage in the wintertime.

Copy cats (we know who you are).

Other brands’ buyers who pretend to be customers in our shop
(we also know who you are).

When the supermarket bag splits.

Bad like for like substitutions from the supermarket delivery service.

Being charged a £5 cancellation fee by your taxi app when the driver cancels.

Kids homework.

Driving a car before the heater starts working.

When the string comes out of your hoodie or tracksuit bottoms.

PPI phone calls.

Overcooked pasta.

Realising that you’re missing the baking soda in the middle of baking a cake.

Using automated customer service telephone systems.

The promise of shellac, followed by its devastating effects on your nails.


Breaking a nail when they’re all finally the same length.

When you realise you’ve left a tissue in your pocket after you’ve done the laundry.

Paying for haircuts you don't like.

Soft grapes.

Software updates.

(the best way to propose - it is a leap year after all)

When someone parks half a cars distance from the end of a residents parking bay, wasting a space.

That feeling of invasion after being burgled or robbed.

The disappearing sock in the washing machine. 

When someone asks for your last hair bobble.

Anyone who has a cold...

Getting their cold.

Getting dumped.

When he/she doesn’t text back.

Swiping left when you meant to swipe right. 

Sex & The City: The Movie Part II.


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[Feel Better?]

We got it all out. And turns out, life's not so bad if these trivialities are the only things that really get under our skin.

If we've missed anything, feel free to vent with us on Instagram.

Let's move on and be kind to our loved ones this Valentine's Day.

[Our Valentine Collection in full view] 

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