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One Offs

One Offs

Whilst many of the world's biggest art lovers and collectors gathered in the streets of Venice for the opening of the Biennale, we decided to create a few 'One Offs' ourselves.

Our design team personally treated each blank canvas ( the tablecloth) to a shower of wonderful colours, creating something of sublime beauty.

 No two can ever be the same, each one is completely unique.

'One Off' for us embodies our mission to take the formality out of using a tablecloth - and to encourage everyone to make the table look beautiful for the everyday. We want you to relax, and make the most of the fun times you can have with those you love around the table - these fun filled designs set the tone for laughter, raucousness and light-hearted banter.

We are proud to showcase below the first four designs of our S&B unique tablecloths. Only one of each is available in 380cm x 160cm.

So if you are interested in any of these beautiful designs, please call our Holland Park store on +44 (0) 20 7221 4566 - as these four original pieces will only be available in store ( not online).


[Edition 01.]
[Edition 01. One Off Multicolour Blue Tablecloth, 160 x 380cm, £875] 

[Edition 02.]
[Edition 02. One Off Yellow Tablecloth, 160 x 380cm, £875]

[Edition 03.]
[Edition 03. One Off Multicolour Tablecloth, 160 x 380cm, £875]

[Edition 04.]
[Edition 04. One Off Pale Blue & Gold Tablecloth, 160 x 380cm, £875]

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