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Papercutting With Poppy

Papercutting With Poppy


Always on the look out for new and interesting ways to make a table special we found ourselves smitten with the endless possibilities of
Poppy's paper cutouts.

We've invited Poppy to host a Masterclass at School on Thursday 23 March at 7pm. It will be a fun filled evening with chat, bonhomie, nibbles and a chance to flex your creative muscles.

Come and learn how to create wonderfully intricate paper cutouts and spice up your table decorating skills. After all, sometimes it's just nice to try your hand at something new! 

Last week we got the chance to sit down with Poppy and pick her brain about her dynamic art - It's our pleasure to introduce the charismatic and wonderfully talented Poppy Chancellor and her witty, paper cutouts...



Interview With Poppy Chancellor

About Poppy

Illustrator and artist Poppy Chancellor began Poppy's Papercuts after attending the Royal Drawing School in 2010. She creates elaborate designs from precisely cutting into single pieces of paper - the results are graphic masterpieces which have been featured in Vogue and ELLE. While undertaking personal commissions, Poppy has also collaborated with Coco de Mer, Adidas and most recently Charlotte Olympia for her Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Collection.

Learn how to create a refreshing take on the often traditional centre piece
and whimsical place cards...

How did Poppy's Papercuts all start?

I had just left art school and owed my mum money. She started to commission papercut artworks from me to repay the loan. She gave them as gifts and people began to see my work. My mum was my champion, and loved what I made. It's wonderful to have support like that.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I love the simplicity of black on white. Anything bold, clean and bright is appealing to me. Red and pink is my colour-combo crush at the moment.

Your designs are vibrant and provocative - What are some of the people, places or things that inspire your artwork?

I've always been inspired by Mexican folk art. It's wonderfully hand made and full of beautiful imperfections. I love the V&A museum for inspiration, whether it's ceramics or textiles, I spend hours in there.

Do you have a favourite cut out? What makes it special?
I have a soft spot for my pineapple papercut. It's such an iconic fruit that represents tropical beauty and the exotic. I worked from old botanical illustrations to get it just right.

If you could have a dinner party (papercutting themed of course!), who would you invite?

Kaffee Fassett is a wonderful textile designer. I fell in love with his work at the Fashion Textile museum years ago. I'd invite Andrew Logan, the jewellery designer, he knows how to throw a good party. Lastly, I'd invite my friend Rosy Nicholas, an incredible props maker who tells the best jokes! We'd make a pretty crafty crowd.

Who is your creative hero and why?

I have a few! Lakwena Maciver, Rosy Nicholas and Chiara Perano are my friends, contemporaries and my main inspiration. Seeing confident creative women create a niche to conquer their talent in is amazing to me. I constantly see their work and achievements, and realize anything is possible.

Why is decorating and being creative with a space so important to making it come alive?

I'm a maximalist so more is always more! I love to set the scene. I've started to see the theatre in the evening. My studio is draped in postcards, posters, pots and books. Decoration is a form of self-expression.

What's your ultimate playlist for papercutting?

I'm usually listening to the radio or a documentary. It's nice to occupy your mind when you're doing something time consuming and repetitive.

If you could create your own S&B tablecloth what kind of design would you make?

I love confetti! So lot's of brightly coloured graphic shapes inspired by cut-outs would be beautiful. 

For our customers dinner parties, what would be your recommendation for creating something for the table with paper cutting?

I love using papercuts as table settings or instead of a traditional centre piece. I also always have loads of confetti left over from when I'm working, so I keep it in a big jar and sprinkle it around!

Is there a safe and easy way to try paper cutting for kids parties?

I always use a scalpel but I'd suggest scissors for younger children. You can always fold some origami paper and make colourful snowflakes. Kids love making animal silhouettes to stick in windows or under a lampshade.

What items are at the top of your Summerill & Bishop Wishlist?

I'm just about to move into a new flat so most of the items in the store are on my wishlist! My favourites would have to be the Coloured Rim Bumba Glasses, I want one in every colour!

Any other grand plans we should keep an eye open for?

I have lots of projects in the pipeline! I've just released my first papercutting book 'Cut It Out!' which is available from all good book shops. And you can stay up to date with my current projects by following my Instagram: @poppyspapercuts


Click here for more information and to book tickets for Poppy's Workshop

Thursday 23rd March 2017
7 - 8:30 pm

S&B School
100 Portland Road
W11 4LQ
+44 (0) 207 221 4566

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